Run Faster:Less Effort!

PFM Efficient Running Courses - technique for ALL runners

Split Course Programme, Autumn 2013

COURSE A: 0800 hrs £70pp

3 consecutive Saturdays for coaching reinforcement; meets at Ten-Point

14.9.13 : Towards Posture and Form. Understanding running biomechanics; discovering pre-running ‘Drill’; defining running efficiency through dynamic muscle use & elastic recoil.

21.9.13 : Finding Cadence and Flow. Revisiting ‘Drill’; progressing to refine fluid, flowing running; cadence experimentation for optimised running form.

28.9.13 : Hills! The ease of defying gravity using the biggest muscles!

COURSE B (only available to runners who've completed Course A): 0800 hrs £70pp

3 consecutive Saturdays following calf conditioning. Meets at Wycombe Track

23.11.13 : Tracking Speed via Efforts and Paces. Flowing from Drill, to Free Running to Sustainable Speed, all with maximum output from minimum effort.

30.11.13 : Pacing. The all-important art of pacing; refining use of perceived effort levels over 5km distance.

7.12.13 : Cruise Intervals. The best run session EVER! Discovering how to gobble up distances so easily you'll wonder why everyone doesn't do it.

Course C = A+B £120pp

Maximum of 12 runners per course.

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