Week of November 4-8

  • We will be exploring more about what readers do by thinking about what we do when we read, as well as, what other good readers do.


  • We are going to begin to explore informational writing.


  • We will be starting our unit on multiplication. We will begin by exploring what is really happening when we multiply numbers.
  • As this chapter continues and our understanding of multiplication deepens I will begin to challenge our students to memorize their multiplication facts. I very much believe that fluency in these facts is necessary for their success in so many other things.

Social Studies:

  • We will continue our exploration of early settlement with a focus on South Carolina.


  • We will begin our unit on structures of life by exploring needs of plants and animals and learning more about seeds.

I am so excited to begin our first full week together! Please let me know if you need anything and remember the classroom door is always open!