Washington Early Learning Center

Weekly Staff Newsletter

November 17- November 21, 2014

This week's meetings/activities

Monday, November 17th:

6:00: 4K Listening Session

Tuesday, November 18th:

9:00: Stacie at book study meeting with Dr. Pfeiffer

10:30: 4K Listening Session

2:45: IEP meeting

Wednesday, November 19th:

Stacie out today

Thursday, November 20th:

9:00: Elementary Principal Meeting at Admin Bldg.

Friday, November 21st:

Stacie out today

EP Teacher Professional Goal Setting Plan

The Professional Goal Setting Plan is due December 1st. However, if you feel like you need more time because you still have questions about this process, please let me know.

I have forwarded a number of emails in the past month with links to video and other information to assist with this process. I can re-send if you need to review them again.

Here is what I understand at this time regarding this process:

Step One: SLO Process

The SLO you choose can be individual or group based. It can be similar to what you used last year, however the baseline data will be different based on this year's students.

Work through areas I-VIII in the SLO area. Make sure to review the DPI SLO Process and Scoring Guide and be sure that your SLO meets the SMART criteria.

Step Two: Self-Assessment of Professional Practice

You will need to complete the Assessment standard plus one to two other standards for this year. For each standard area, you need to complete a reflection either at the standard or indicator level that shows your strength and area of growth in that area.

If you choose the indicator level, you only need to select one indicator as a strength and one as an area of growth for each area. I can go over this with you one-on-one if you would like so I can show you specific examples within MLP.

Step Three: Professional Practice Goal

For this area, you are going to select a goal for yourself that will make an impact on your SLO. What will you do professionally in order to increase student learning? Again, look over the SMART criteria for this goal.

I am happy to meet with anyone that still has questions about this process. Also, if needed, I could ask for Steve and/or Sue to join us for some more clarification. Please let me know ASAP if anyone would like for me to set that up.


  • Inform me ASAP if you would like me to set up a meeting with Steve/Sue to go over the Professional Goal Setting Plan process.