What happened?

When Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in 1993, The entire world watched in terror and disbelief. The following years of Hitlers reign of terrror on the jews would reveal that he wanted to eliminate the Jews because he thought they were going to overcome and become sucsessful buisness people

Effect on the war

During the time of the persecution of the Jews, Hitler shocked millions world wide by attacking Poland by using blitzkrieg tactics, Poland fell within three weeks of the attackLodz, located in the center of poland, had held the second largest Jewish community in Europe and was second to only warsaw. When hitler commanded the Nazis to attack poland, The poles and the Jews worked together franticlly digging ditches to defent their city.


After seven days of thed attack, Poland began, Lodz was occupied. And only within four days of the Lodz occupation, Jews became the targets for being beaten, robberies, and seizure of property. A warning was applied on january 17, 1940 saying that the area was running rampant with infectionas diesseous In august 1994 the lodz ghetto was Liquidated.


Cody Elliott

Coach Birkheimer English 8-4 Feb 19-2015