Constitution Exam

AP Gov- Study Guide

Dear Students,

Below you will find some resources to help you study and prepare for the Exam on Friday! My Homework Hour on Thursday is dedicated to YOU and helping you prepare. As always, you are welcome any day, but I will not schedule anything during that time so I am available to answer any of your questions! Come on by!

2 Quick Ways To Study:

  • Read through Ch 4 in your AP Review book. Highlight any information that you are not confident with and then, check for it in your notes and textbook for further clarification. If you are still not 100%, come see me so we can chat and get you taken care of!
  • On the Student Resources page, there is a vocabulary list. It is a combination of the vocabulary from all your resources (notes, books, etc). Go over the list and make sure you can not only define each term but actually TALK ABOUT IT! (ie. why it is important, how does it connect to other topics from class). If you can not talk about a term, highlight it, check in your notes/books for clarification and come see me!

Ms. D

From Ms. Donnelly:

Class Notes-Powerpoint

This is the link to our notes from class. It includes all of our notes, diagrams and charts.

Study Guide

Unit Vocabulary and Quick Self Check Questions

Pinterest Resources

There are boards for various topics. Each includes diagrams, videos and other resources you may find helpful.

Additional Helpful Resources and Links

Cheatsheet Notes for Major Topics from Unit 1

This is the same website we used to review Elitist and Pluralist Theories of Democracy and would be a helpful resource to look over if you feel lost on a topic and need a straight forward answer

Federalists Papers Summaries

Click here to view summaries of the Federalists Papers written in "every day language". We have discussed: #10 and 51 so far

HAPPY STUDYING! You'll do wonderful!