Thursday's Thoughts

Sept. 21, 2017

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Just an idea....

Student led shoutouts at the end of every day where they look for the good in others and even thank them sometimes.

We need you!

You will be receiving an email from me in the coming days asking for your help with some things in our building. We have spent some time looking at upcoming events and needs and tried to pair your gifts and talents with specific things. We will meet Tuesday in teams to discuss those roles. :-)

House Council

Teachers in grades 3-5: Please make sure you are on the lookout for students who are exhibiting strong leadership skills and work ethic to serve on our house council. Those names are due next Friday, Sept. 29th.

October 2nd

Mark your calendars for Oct. 2nd. Sandra Goff will be here to meet with each grade level during planning. She gave us great ideas last year to help our students in math. Go ahead and be thinking of what unit you would like her to talk with you about. If I can send that information to her prior to her visit, she can be prepared to give us ideas.

F & P Levels

Fountas and Pinnell levels are due Oct. 6th. In addition to updating the data wall, please send me a list of your students with their levels.

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 22nd: Progress Reports

Sept. 25th: House meetings

Sept. 26th: Faculty Meeting

Sept. 28th: Grade level planning

Sept. 29th: Fire Drill, House Council Nominations due, and Happy Friday!

Oct. 2nd: Sandra Goff

Oct. 4th: Grandparent's Breakfast for K-2

Oct. 5th: Grandparent's Breakfast for 3-5

Oct. 6th: House Elections, F & P Due

Teacher and Staff Custom # 4

Seek a bond with every child.

Colt Custom #4

Always say thank you when given something.