911 Day

Maddy M.

911 Should Become a National Holiday

Lots of People Lost Their Lives During 911

  • United Flight 93 got hijacked with 45 people on-board
  • It crashed into a field in Pennsylvania , and everybody died on-board

911 Was a Huge Event that Happened in 2001

  • 4000 people died including 400 police and firefighters
  • two planes targeted the Twin Towers and both planes crashed into both North and South tower, and left behind a huge mess.

People Need to Take a Break from Work

  • According to the Psychological Association, 74% of people get stress from work.
  • Poeple who have stress want to get something done so instead of being with the family they do what they need and misses that important day

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Tribute to 9/11! Make it a national Holiday!