NCHS April Staff Notes


April Notes

No headphones and hoodies: Please make sure that you are addressing all students who are wearing hoodies and headphones. Remember only one ear piece before and after school, and during lunch.

Teacher visibility during class changes: In order to continue to make NCHS a safe environment please remember to be visible outside your classroom before school, between classes, and after school. When staff is visible it is less likely to have altercations.

Essential Questions: Make sure you have an essential question posted and you address it at the beginning of each lesson and then close out with it as well.

New hall passes-consistency is key, we will be distributing uniform hall passes to use the rest of the year and there should be no other passes used.

No bathroom in first/last 10 minutes of the classroom

Dress Code Reminder: Check dress code for all your students in each class. There is no need for a student to get all the way to 3rd or 4th block and then a staff member notice their dress is inappropriate.

Bring a Proctor, leave early during finals


Making positive parent contact prior to the negative parent contact: It is easier to address students and their parents after you have already made a positive contact with them. Many parents only hear when there is a negative issue happening with their child. Try to make positive communication as much as you can and also document it as well. You are still required to make phone calls home for all minors and office referrals.

Thanks to all who brought classes down for Gameplan for Life Assembly

Impact Award Winners

Cultural Responsivenes Training

Prom reminder

Important Dates/ Technology Workshops

4/11 Impact on Education Award – at County office Board Meeting

4/11 Report Cards Go Home

4/13 Special Olympics

4/13 SIT Meeting 2:30pm

4/14-4/16 Plant sale

4/14-16 Spring Musical 7:00pm

4/14 HOSA Blood Drive

4/19 ACT Make up Day

4/20 Cap and Gown Picture Day

4/20 Grad Goal

4/22 Boger 5K – Trojans in Training Fundraiser/ (School gets5/ to keep all registration money that is registered thru NCHS)

4/22 A/ AB Honor Roll Reception

4/23 Prom

4/26 NTHS Induction 6:30

4/27 NHS Induction 4:30-5:30 pm

4/27 Mentor/Mentee Meeting 2:30pm

4/29 Homeroom after 1st period

4/29 Carnival

4/30 Chi-Alpha Car Show

5/2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week

5/2 National Principal’s Day