November Newsletter 2016-17


Welcome to November Dragon families,

The autumn temps and colors are here and we are GRATEFUL for our amazing dragon families!

We are grateful for you! We are excited to share with you the amazing progress of our dragons at Parent Teacher Conferences! Have you confirmed your appointment? Our building goal is to reach 100% with our families! We need you to make this happen! Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, November 9th and 10th from 4-6:30 p.m. We will see you there!

We are grateful for our Family School Partnership! Our FSP is amazing! They support our learning through generous classroom donations! They support our field trips—like the recent trip to the Pumpkin Patch! We packed the house for our last meeting as we heard about our incredible plans to expand our playground! Have you checked out our new climbing wall—thank you FSP! We look forward to seeing you at our Family Movie Night on November 10th! Grab a blanket, a pillow and the family movie begins at 6:00 p.m.

We are grateful for kindness! We will be spreading kindness like confetti as we celebrate Kindness Week, November 14th-18th—look for more details to come!

We are grateful for time to spend with our families! We wish you the best of family times as we celebrate Thanksgiving! School is not in session November 23-27th.

We are grateful for all the learning and leadership yet to come! Mark your calendar now for our STEAM Week the first week of December! December 8th we will be celebrating with our Math Family Night from 5-7 p.m.

We are grateful for the cool fall temperatures! As the temperatures begin to change—it seems our Lost and Found continues to grow! We will continue to take the students outside for a breath of fresh air. Please mark your children’s belongings with a name inside. This makes it easier to return a lost item to its owner.

Thank you for the incredible opportunity to partner with you as your child’s principal as we continue to empower our dragons to their greatest potential and ensure Always a Learner, Always a Leader, Always a Dragon!

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving,

Mrs. Kristi Shinn


In media class, first through fifth grade have continued their study of digital citizenship and how to be safe on the internet, using myON Reader to learn more on the topic via e-books, and writing about what they have learned. First grade has also read e-books to learn about bats in order to be ready for their bat cave day in their classrooms. Second grade has worked on basic keyboarding skills. Third through fifth grades have also done a little bit of coding (computer programming). Kindergarten continues to work on ST Math on the computers during media class, and now they are learning to use myON Reader to read e-books on the computers as well. Most of our kindergarten students have now learned how to log into the computers without help!


In October all classes have completed our fitness testing in PE. We will continue to work on the components of fitness through the school year and test again in the spring. Students will have lots of opportunities to improve on each component in our fitness activities each week.

November brings our tumbling unit. Our tumbling unit will consist of many animal movements, balances, and rolls. Please help your child remember to dress appropriately for this unit. Clothes should be comfortable and suitable for flipping. If you have any questions please contact me.


Our Dragon musicians have been showing their skills in the music room! Our fifth grade and fourth grade students have both been working with new and challenging rhythmic note patterns, either by accompanying music with body percussion patterns or with partner-stick patterns. Both grade levels are now preparing to perform sound stories using traditional and sound-effect instruments in the classroom to “bring the characters to life.” Our third grade learners have been working with tubano drums and bongo drums, and are learning a song that helps them feel rhythms with syncopation. In our second, first, and kindergarten classes, our musicians have been experimenting with a variety of special sound-effect instruments, such as a rainstick, the stirring xylophone, and the clatterpillar, to add interesting elements to our classroom songs. (I was so impressed with some of the questions and observations about sound production that the instruments sparked!) We have also used other unusual items like dance ribbons and “pool noodle” sticks to allow us to experience music in different ways.

Our Fourth and Fifth Grade Dragon Fire Choir is going strong and rehearsing every Monday and Thursday afternoon until 4:30. We look forward to sharing our music with you on December 8!


This month we are showing our school spirit: all Dragon Artists will be creating a work of art using Derby Dragon Spirit for inspiration. In addition, artists are building positive artist character and learning how kindness for ourselves and others can help us with our creative process. We are learning that great artists take risks and learn new skills. Our Dragon Artists have been working hard to help each other be the best they can be while creating amazing works of art.

Check out our halls as they transform with beautiful colors from our Dragon Artists! Third grade’s “Who am I?” game is up and ready to view. Can you guess who each artist is? Thank you second grade artists, for helping create the art room door design for Red Ribbon Week. Finally, Art Club is in full swing. We are so excited about sharing our experiences with you.

Happy Creating!


Dear Dragons,

Starting in November, we will be having a Kindness Challenge. The challenge will be to see which class and/or grade level can show the best random acts of kindness. How will the class and/or grade level know if they have completed this challenge? Well, you will have to come up with something very creative for your class and/or grade level to show your random act of kindness. We have a 5th grade Kindness Ambassador who will come to your class and collect your kindness idea and there will be a tally board to see if your class and/or grade level has done the most random acts of kindness for the week. Your class and/or grade level will have a spot on the announcements and/or at the Dragon Celebration. There may even be other prizes.

Each class has a Kindness Ambassador. The Kindness Ambassador for your class will monitor your classes random act of kindness.

I am very excited about this challenge. Please spread some kindness. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Nov 1 - Pre-school jumpstart days 3:30pm

Nov 1 - Venderveen crossing homeowners assn. meeting


Nov 2 - Boy scouts meeting 6:30pm

Nov 3 - Operation school bell

Nov 3 - Assistance league with Ms.Galbreath & students

Nov 3 - Preschool jumpstart days 3:30pm

Nov 4 - Grades K-2 distinguished dragon awards 8:20am

Nov 4 - K-Kids and mini-mac meeting-trailer G 3:30pm

Nov 7 - Tornado drill

Nov 7 - Winter dragon fire choir rehearsal 3:20pm

Nov 8 - No School - election day

Nov 9 - Parent/teacher conferences 4-6:30pm

Nov 9 - Boy scouts meeting 6:30pm

Nov 10 - FSP movie night

Nov 10 - Winter dragon fire choir rehearsal 3:20pm

Nov 10 - Preschool jumpstart days 3:30pm

Nov 10 - Nature club room 221 grades 4/5 3:45pm

Nov 10 - Parent/teacher conferences 4-6:30pm

Nov 10 - Movie night

Nov 11 - No school - teachers work day

Nov 14-17 - Youth basketball practices 5:30pm

Nov 14-15 - ELL parent/teacher conferences

Nov 14 - Winter dragon fire choir rehearsal 3:20pm

Nov 15 - Preschool jumpstart days 3:30pm

Nov 15 - Art club meeting pickup 5:00pm

Nov 16 - 3rd grade field trip to MO symphony 8:00am

Nov 16 - Boy scouts meeting 6:30pm

Nov 17 - Picture day for absentee/preschool/retake day


Nov 17 - Pictures for anyone else 10:00am

Nov 17 - Winter dragon fire choir rehearsal 3:20pm

Nov 17 - Preschool jumpstart days

Nov 17 - Nature club room 221 grades 4/5

Nov 18 - Fire drill

Nov 18 - Celebrating those who take care of us-police,firemen,EMS,etc.

Nov 18 - Grades 3-5 distringuished dragon awards 8:20

Nov 18 - Nov. principals birthday lunch

Nov 21-23 - Youth basketball practices 5:30pm

Nov 21 - Winter dragon fire choir rehearsal 3:20pm

Nov 22 - JA in a day celebration

Nov 22 - Off site rally walks

Nov 22 - Preschool jumpstart days 3:30pm

Nov 23-27 - Thanksgiving break

Nov 23 - Boy scouts meeting 6:30pm

Nov 28-Dec1 - Youth basketball practices 5:30pm

Nov 28 - Winter dragon fire choir rehearsal 3:20pm

Nov 29 - Preschool jumpstart days 3:30pm

Nov 29 - Art club meeting pickup 5:00pm

Nov 30 - Buddy celebrations

Nov 30 - Boy scouts meeting 6:30pm

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