Tyler Pizzano


Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Habitat

Chapter 3: Food

Chapter 4: Size and Length

Chapter 5:Extinct

Chapter 6: The Virtual world of Velociraptors

Chapter 7: Conclusion



Have you ever wanted to learn about velociraptors? Because if you are reading this you are about to learn about them! First you will learn about there habitat. Then there food and then there size and length and then how they became an extinct species and finally you will learn about there virtual world and that is what you will be learning about today.
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When velociraptors were around they would ussally be by the water or in the forest. Some times they would be by another dinosaaurs egg so they could get it and eat it. As I learned in the Jurassic World Field Guide, velociraptors have only been found in Mongolia and China. They lived in the cretacious period 85 to 75 million years ago. The first velociraptor bone was found in 1924.
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Velociraptors would eat all different kinds of dinosaurs like: protoceratops, oviraptor, shuvia and lots more. Velociraptors could take down a tyranosaurus rex [T-rex] in a pack. They would eat there prey in a matter of time. Velociraptors were carnivores.
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Size and length

Velociraptors have a awkward size for there type of hunting. They stand 50 cm tall at the hips. Velociraptors have a 7 inch skull. They are 6 feet tall and 3 feet long. A velociraptor is about as fast as a cheetah.
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The dinosaur velociraptor became extinct 85 to 75 million years ago. My theory on how dinosaurs became extinct is that a meteor hit the earth and the meteor caused an earthquake and also volcanoes erupted. Which turned the plant eaters food black so they could not eat so all the herbivores died and then the meat eaters could not eat and then all the meat eaters died and then all the dinosaurs were dead.
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The Virtual World Of Velociraptors

Have you ever wanted to learn about some of things they make on velociraptors? Some video games are all the jurassic Park games and jurassic World and dinosaur hunting games. There are also movies with velociraptors in it. Jurassic World and the Jurassic Park are a couple of movies. They also make toys on velociraptors like fake velociraptor claws, puzzles, and Legos that is only a couple of things they make on velociraptors.
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I hope you enjoyed my book! Someday maybe you can write a book about velociraptors. I love velociraptors and I think they are the best dinosaur on earth.
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Carnivore-Meat eater

Herbivore-Plant eater

Hunting- the way they get food

10 Facts: Velociraptor