Burkina Faso

Culture of Burkina Faso

The People

The population of Burkine Faso is 1.6 million. It is growing by 2.6% every year. the two largest cities are Quagadougou and bobo dioulasso. about 50% of the population live in theas cityes
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the way the people greet oe anouther is similar to the way we do they shake hands. some times male firends greet each other is by puting their right fist to their heart. they also might touch their forhaeds when shaking hands. not greeting someone is consitered rude
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life style

in some areas consiter a family of 10 to be normal. children live with there perents until marriage. some make colorful baskets as gifts or decoration.men play cards and board games.
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Burkina Faso's government is aparliamentary domocracy. they have one president in charge. their econamy is rough becoues produse is hard to maitain becous of drouts. they also face many health problems
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