Happy Easter Glass Engraving

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Why would this product be desirable to users?

This product would be desirable to users if you participate in the holiday of Easter. This product is also desirable for festive users who like to decorate their house for the holidays. The Happy Easter glass engraving can also be desirable to users as a gift to a family member or friend.

What obstacles did you face?

When I was replacing the damp paper towel on the glass when I went to resume the engraving I hit the wrong button and had the engraving restart. Luckily the frame came with two pieces of glass so I just engraved on the second pane of glass. If I were to do this differently I would make sure which button I need to hit before I just hit one.

What were you proud of on this project?

I was very proud of how the engraving turned out. I thought that the foggy white on the glass turned out great. I learned how to engrave on glass with dish soap and damp paper towels.
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This was the final product in the frame

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This was during the process of engraving