Should athletes be tested for drugs

By: Abby Rautmann

Every year students get suspended from athletic or sporting events because of drugs

Some students use performance enhancing drugs

  • gives them an unfair advantage
  • better chance of winning
  • the student doesn't get to shoe off the skill, endurance, and strength they actually have
  • unravels they playing field for the teammates, and opponent

Students could get in trouble

  • Students who overdose or abuse drugs could go to jail
  • they could also have to go to a court meeting with the judge
  • also get in huge trouble with the law

Bigger risk of getting hurt

  • Students that are under the influence of drugs don't have control over their bodies
  • they can't control the movements or decisions they make
  • they could hurt thier teammates or opponents
  • they could also potentially hurt themselves


Drug tests should be used in every school beacause students could get banned or kicked off the team, hurt themselves, get in trouble, or have an unfair advantage using drugs in sports.