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If you are a collector searching for the perfect piece, come to our display room in the heart of New York City. Here at Autumn Art Dealers, we support up and coming artists and help them to sell their goods, learn how to effectively use advertisement and product placement, and get their art on display in prestigious houses, galleries, and museums. Our offices in New York City are comprised of a display room in the Upper East Side at which we sell to private bidders and an office in SoHo in which we will help artists to plan how to sell their art most effectively for the most profit. We are currently expanding to have an office in San Francisco. For a retainer of $700 a month, artists can experience all of our services and learn valuable lessons on the art business. We are the best dealership and retainer for you because we work to fulfill your needs and always put you first.

How Our Company Works and a Short Company History

Our company is a partnership between two mavericks in the art dealership world, Willow Braze and Henry Little. Autumn Art Dealers was their brainchild that was born in 1998. The pair started the partnership because of their passion for art and helping artists to learn how to sell their work. They chose to form a partnership because both brought a range of talents to the business and because they could add partners who were as passionate as them to bring in more money and expand options to the business. Their choice has brought them many advantages. Both Ms. Braze and Mr. Little have brought their passion into the business; Ms. Braze being a brilliant advisor and salesperson and Mr. Little a passionate art dealer and wise businessman.

There have been bumps in the road though, since the partners have not always seen eye to eye. In the first years of the business, Mr. Little did not agree with Ms. Braze that they should have two branches: the dealership branch and the artist retainer branch. They came to the compromise that Mr. Little would run the dealership and financial aspect of the business, while Ms. Braze would run the artist retainer section. There were moments when Ms. Braze wanted to leave the business because she did not feel a part of the decision-making process. There was no procedure in place for a partner who wanted to leave - a situation which has since been remedied by a formal agreement among the partners. Also, each of them decided that they could make a profitable business if they talked more and discussed the problems. Finally, since the profits of both were shared, they decided on an equal income for both as they did an equal amount of work. As they added employees, they have worked together and discussed how to run the business and use the profits to improve their business without further disagreements and have both learned flexibility.

As the business continues to grow, they are looking into converting their partnership into a LLC Corporation to provide better liability protection for each of them and to make it easier for the business to continue if something happens to one of them.

Our View on Unions

Our business does not have labor unions because we prefer to discuss issues directly with our relatively few employees and resolve any concerns that they may have about their employee status directly. As a small, service oriented company, our workers have a great deal of creative choice and their jobs are not the sort of routine jobs that lend themselves to a union environment. There is no pressure to choose a certain view that conforms the views of the majority of our employees. Our employees are professionals who are very engaged with their work. They are paid a fair salary and know that their input is a valued part of our business. We hold monthly meetings in which employees are free to discuss their opinions and issues with the management and if they do not feel comfortable doing so in a meeting, then they can request a private meeting with a manager. We work our hardest to make sure that our employees always have a voice and feel free to speak out no matter what the condition.
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Autumn Art Dealers and the Environment

Our company combats pollution by teaching painters to use nontoxic paints in their work and encouraging green transport. All of our employees ride bikes or walk to work because the company gives a 'green' bonus to employees who combat pollution by avoiding non-green transportation. Autumn Art Dealers works to promote recycling through art. We sell recycled material to artists and purchase from plants that make recycled paper. With the money that we earn from selling recycled material, we share a portion with the World Wildlife Fund. We encourage using recycled paper in our offices and are committed to reducing paper and plastic use as much as possible. Finally, every year, we sponsor one forward thinking, 'green' artist to produce pieces based on recycling or another 'green' idea that the artist creates and introduce it to the public on Earth Day.

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Photo Credits: All art and photos courtesy of Heather Kel

*This company is fictitious as are its associates and any other information. This project was solely created for a school assignment.