East Woburn, MA Wells G&H

By: Rudy Lutz and Jacob Pilz


East Woburn, MA / The entire site is defined by the boundaries of Route 128 to the north, Route 93 to the east, the Boston and Maine railroad to the west, and Salem Street to the south.

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What Occured?

The groundwater was contaminated with modern solvents found in substantial drums, called unstable natural mixes, for example, trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene. Soil on the five properties was contaminated with VOCs, polycyclic sweet-smelling hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls and pesticides. Residue in the Aberjona River were contaminated with PAHs and substantial metals, for example, chromium, zinc, mercury and arsenic.

Human and Environmental Dangers

Ecological Dangers-Effects of defiled waterway silt on untamed life and spineless creatures.

Human Health Danger Present-Childhood leukemia was connected to drinking the water. Skin aggravation, expanded danger of tumor coming about because of contact with and ingestion of sullied soil, dregs, or groundwater.

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Clean-up Efforts

In July 1991, The U.S. Natural Protection Agency (EPA) arranged a record-breaking Superfund settlement for cleanup of metropolitan wells "G" and "H" in Woburn, Massachusetts. After one year, extensive cleanup exercises have started at four of the site's five property territories.

Current Environmental Conditions

Woburn’s current municipal water supply is now supping 9 million gallons of water per day to it users. Now about two thirds of its water is given from wells a-f near the horn pond the other third comes from the quabbin river in central Massachusetts. This is bin done through the Massachusetts water resources authority from the closing of g and h in 1979.

Wells G and H superfund site

Funding Source

EPA's Superfund implementation endeavors created an understanding that closures a contention. Settling gatherings consented to a cleanup worth about $70 million, the biggest Superfund settlement in New England. The assentation coordinates cleanup of four properties in the meantime EPA finished or picked up with exertion this record settlement in just four months of forward and backward discussions to concede to something. At first hardheaded and defiant add undesirable things to make grimy comprehended improved genuine accomplished they were off collaborating with the Superfund prepare, and are working with both EPA and the group as accomplices.

Parties Involved

W.R. Beauty and Company had effectively finish its 6th year of working an arrangement to pump up the water from the shallow aquifer under their property. The ground water is being assisted with the utilization of hydrogen peroxide furthermore they utilized UV light to attempt and clear the contaminants. In the most recent six years it has gone ride of 53 pounds of VOC's in 20 million gallons of water

UnifFirst Corporation had the most sullied soil and uncovered and expelled from the previous UnifFirst property.

Wildwood property. All stumps, waste, muck, trash and drums have been taken away. Beatrice uprooted 67 tons of dangerous slime, 354 tons of non-risky muck, 255 tons of trash soils, 45 drum corpses, and 987 tons of blended contaminant soils from the Wildwood property

New England Plastics: Low level VOC-sullied soil and VOC-defiled groundwater stay at the New England Plastics property. A framework to expel contaminants from the dirt started operation on February 2, 1998.

The contaminants are caught in 55-gallon drums that are sent away for treatment.


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