Let's tie up our measuring system!

By:Eva Stettler

Why measure in the basic SI system when you can measure in Scrunchies!

Their a poofie, stretchy, crease free hair tie that can double as a msasureing guide!


Gigascrunchie-1 billionX larger

Megascrunchie-1 millionX larger

Kiloscrunchie-1000X larger

Hectoscrunchie-100X larger

Dekascrunchie-10X larger

Deciscrunchie- 10X smaller

Centiscrunchie- 100X smaller

Miliiscrunchie-1000X smaller

Microiscrunchie-1 millionX smaller

Nanoiscrunchie-1 billionX smaller

Picoscrunchie-1 trillionX smaller

15 scrunchies= 1 meter