Healing Tree G.M.O

Group 1


The healing tree is An oak tree that has flowers at the very top, the flowers on the tree have the ability heal any wound or cuts on the human body.

Prototype Details

The type of Biotechnology we would use skin cells to rehabilitate and create new cells fast to cover wounds, that could be fatal. DNA would be used to for all types to make sure it will fit the person accordingly. This should be regulated because it could help many people.


This tree is beneficial to the ones in need. Should government regulate this science, this product will help in skin Regeneration.

Science Behind Prototype

The healing tree is a tree that helps the tributes. The tree is a 50 foot tall and 30 feet wide. The tree has orange flowers at the top. The orange are what have the healing solution in them. The flowers at the top of the tree so it makes it harder for the tributes to get it. the medicine out you have to squeeze the flower over the cut. the cut will heal and the skin will skin grow over it.

Ethics & Regulations

We all agree that changing DNA Genetics is good in a neatly cause. The Government Should regulate this because it would help people alot.