Principal's News June 2018

Meg Colella

It's the end of the another year!

The energy is palpable at Bridge! Students are excited about the end of the year activities; Field Day, Move Up Day, the annual kickball game, grade 5 graduation, field trips, and more! Students may also be feeling anxious (whether conscious or subconscious) about the close of school. With the end of the year brings change and some uncertainty. Who will my teacher be next year? Will my friends be in my class? These are all normal feelings. School is a predictable, safe environment for students. Like most adults, children do well knowing what is expected, having a schedule, and getting enough sleep. With spring, these schedules and predictable patterns often shift due to late nights with sports games and celebrations. Each year, we at Bridge do our best to remind students about school expectations, routines, and ending the year on a positive note. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher if you are noticing a change in behavior or anxiety. We want to partner with you to make sure the 2017/2018 school year ends well

Welcome Back Ms. Gray! Thank You Ms. Schadler

A HUGE thank you to Ms. Schadler for all that she has done for Bridge School while filling in as Assistant Principal. Ms. Schadler will be returning to her position as ELL teacher on Monday June 4th. We are excited to welcome back Ms. Gray on Monday from her maternity leave.

Field Day

This year we are looking for support for our annual Field Day on Friday, June 8, 2018 (rain date Monday, June 11 - same times). We would like volunteers to help run stations and to help with clean up and set up. Parents/guardians are still welcome to attend to watch their child participate in field day. If you would like to volunteer AND watch your child participate, we suggest you volunteer for a time your child is NOT participating because you will not be able to rotate with them. You will be stationed at one activity. Also, one of the highlights of the day is the Opening Ceremonies. Please consider coming to watch the parade of students and staff out to the basketball court at 8:45am. The students gather to kick off the events!

Fifth grade students will be supporting the parents/guardians who are running the activity. As the parent/guardian volunteer, you will be in charge of giving the directions, organizing the students to get started, etc.

We very much appreciate your time and efforts in helping to make Field Day fun for everyone!

Sensory Stations at Bridge

You may have noticed the addition of various sensory stations around the halls of Bridge. Thanks to the generosity of the LEF, Bridge has installed stations that will enable students to help them calm their body so that they can learn better. Students often take a "break walk" from class to get out energy or take a much needed break from the rigors that classroom instruction can bring. These sensory stations are accessible to all and will hopefully help students to feel that all of their needs are met.

In addition to the hallways, most classrooms are equipped with calming areas. The calming corner is a positive place that rewards students for keeping their emotions and behavior in check and using strategies so they can return to learning. The cozy corners often have bean bag chairs or comfy seating that is equipped with fidget tools such as glitter jars and coloring activities. Students can choose to access these materials when they need a break, when they can sense themselves being over stimulated, or at the request of the teacher. Students spend about 2-5 minutes calming their body so they are ready to learn and then rejoin the class activity.

We have also created spaces outside of the classroom, such as at the table near the Main Office, for students to take a break from class, to do their work in a quiet area, or receive small group instruction. The students will often spend 5-10 minutes completing their work in these areas and then return to class.

All of these additions are aimed at meeting the needs of all of our learners in a fun, supportive way. The students are eager to try the new sensory stations and learn how they might support them as learners.
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Golden Sneaker-

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The PTA and the Safe Routes to School has begun a challenge. Can you find the golden sneaker while walking to school? If you do, your class gets extra recess! Consider having your child(ren) walk to school to gain more exercise and start the day off right! Starting next year, on Walking Wednesdays the students will have the opportunity to find the Golden Sneaker!

Upcoming Events at Bridge-Come Join Us!

Field Day: June 8, Opening Ceremonies 8:45am , Grade level games 9am-12:00pm (basketball court and field), detailed schedule will be provided
Grade 5 Graduation: June 21 10:00am-12:00 (following the hour long ceremony, the students will reenter the building for the annual clap-out, view a slideshow, and have a small celebration, seating opens at 9:30 am on the field, while the students will be under a tent, the visitors will not, wear sunscreen and bring water! A small tent will be provided for those visitors that need the shade.
Move Up Day: June 22 8:50am-9:20am (students visit a classroom and learn about what to expect in their next grade)
5th Grade vs Staff Kickball Game: June 22, 9:45am-11:45am (all students join us outside to cheer on the 5th graders and staff, send your child to school with water and apply sunscreen!)
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