#MichED chat December 2nd, 2015

Join moderator Nicholas Provenzo in a PBL discussion.

What is PBL, how does it work in the classroom and how teachers can begin implementing.

Thank you for joining #miched this evening. Below are the questions that will be tweeted out by the moderator, Nicholas Provenzo (@thenerdyteacher).

Q1: What is PBL to you?

Q2: What value does PBL bring to the classroom? How has it changed the culture of learning?

Q3: How does PBL work for differentiation for students at different levels?

Q3: How does PBL fit in the test-centric world students live?

Q4: What did you learn from your biggest mistake implementing PBL in the classroom?

Q5: What is the first step to implementing PBL in the classroom?

Q6: What surprised you most about implementing PBL?

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

#MichED Chat Norms

Helpful tips to help your participation.

  • Follow the evening moderator (this evening it is Nicholas Provenzno @thenerdyteacher) and @miched. If the chat is busy you are less likely to miss the questions.
  • Use a Twitter management tool such as Tweetdeck. Add a column for the hashtag #miched.
  • Questions are not tweeted out at a pre-set time. This allows discussion and follow-up in the community.
  • Questions are tweeted out using "Q" and question number. Respond by tweeting "A" and corresponding question number before your response.
  • Don't forget to use the hashtag #miched in all of your tweets!