How to Be an Expert Learner

Tips and Tricks

Practice, Flexibility, Communication, and FUN!

  • Continually improve
  • Example: It took Rubik's Cube Solver Feliks Zemdegs one whole year to get his speed down to 15 seconds. It took him another year to reduce his speed 5 more seconds.
  • Gain confidence through constant practice and improvement
  • Be patient, and learn at your own pace
  • Challenge yourself to try new methods
  • Example: Feliks was willing to try solving with a different approach
  • Consider alternatives and new strategies
  • Learn from others around you who share your same passions

Qualities of an Expert Learner

  1. One who is purposeful and motivated (the “why” of learning)
  2. Resourceful and knowledgeable (the “what” of learning)
  3. Strategic and goal-directed (the “how” of learning)