Mr. L's Newsletter

Week of 9/15-9/20

Welcome to the 4th Week of School!

I can’t believe the 4th week of school is already here! Getting to know all of my students’ names has been really tough, but I am getting very close! I apologize for sending out this week’s newsletter late, but we have had a lot going on, and I didn’t have time to send one out. Last week was an extremely busy week with a little more homework than I usually would like to give out. The 6th grade Science teachers ended up pushing the Measurement Practical Quiz to this Tuesday, just 2 days back from what we had originally planned. I changed it on my webpage calendar late last week, so hopefully you noticed! The reason I moved the quiz was due to not feeling like my students were ready for it, and I want to make sure my students are well prepared for any quiz or test!

Google Classroom News Update

Google Classroom

Last week I got a lot of use from Google Classroom as I posted videos for homework and reminders all week. For those of you still checking on those passwords, I am working around the work to get those reset from the technology department. Unfortunately, they do not tell me when they reset a password, so I suggest to just keep trying them out. I only have a few students that aren’t in the classroom now, and I may try manually entering them in to my classes.

Remember to have your child check Google Classroom every day for updates from me or helpful videos for their homework that night. Thank you!!

Online Textbook

Textbooks are finally here! I know everybody has been waiting for this day! This week, on Wednesday and Thursday, the Science department has set aside 2 days to make sure the students understand how to access the textbook and what cool things they can find inside of it. We will have a set of laptops for the students to use, but your child is more than welcome to bring their own device. There is an online app where your child can access the textbook and I will provide more information to them about this. Attached is a link of the information that we will be discussing on Wednesday and Thursday as we set the textbooks up!

Mr. Ls Density Video

Density Video

Here is a great video that I created before school one day to get the kids more interested in science! I had the graduated cylinder up the whole week so the students could see how the different layers changed over several days.


If your child is struggling with their homework, PLEASE send them to my tutorials! It is best that your child gets the help they need as soon as possible so they do not get too far behind. I want all my students to be successful!







Students are getting access to their skyward account this week and will be learning how to check their grades! Make sure to check skyward often and see if your child is missing any homework assignments. It should let you know once you log in and go to the grade book. If your child is missing an assignment or has a low grade, send them to my tutorials. It's important we make sure they understand the current material, and have all their grades in. Zeros are bad news :)