Lightning Accident

Mike the best football player from Lake Windsor, got hit by lightning and got killed on the football field and the worst thing is that Erik and Arthur are happy because they wanted something to happen to Mike. Because if something happens to Mike then Arthur would take Mikes place. Erik is the best football player he is way better then Mike. Arthur wants to play in a game its just that he is on the team but he doesn't get to be in a game because the coach never puts him in the game he is just sitting out. If something happens to Mike then Arthur will be able to play Mike's spot. Because they both want to become the best football players Erik and Arthur so now that Mike is dead they're dream came true. Erik and Arthur are really happy and they are laughing because of what happened to Mike.
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This story is about a family that moves to Tangerine, Florida. When they went for a tour of the school Paul got mad because his mom told the principle that he couldn't see. And since he can't see then he can't play soccer because his coach tells him he isn't eligible to play because something will happen to the school's insurance and they will cancel the school's soccer program. A sinkhole then creates then Paul helps rescue people. Then the students have to move to Tangerine Middle School so then when they were transfering the students folders Paul's IEP paper (a paper that said he is vissualy impared) dissapears and he can now play soccer. Paul gets expelled because he attacked the coach so now he can't play but he plans to go back as soon as possible to play for Lake Windsor's soccer team