March 21-25, 2016

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5 Day Forecast

  • Mon. 21 Induction Teacher Meeting 3:45 @ D.O.
  • Mon.21-Wed. 23 AdvancED External Review (Team visits Anderson One)
  • Mon. 21 Mr. Lesley @ AdvancED Standards Overview Interview Meetings at D.O.
  • Tues. 22 End of 3rd Nine Weeks
  • Tues. 22 AdvancED Team visits Spearman 8:00-12:00 am
  • Wed. 23 Faculty Meeting CANCELLED
  • Wed. 23 Mr. Lesley @ called Board Meeting for AdvancED Final Review 3:00 pm
  • Thurs. 24 Wren Middle School Band Performs for 5th Grade 10:40 am
  • Thurs. 24 Faculty Luncheon from PTO :)
  • Fri. 25 WE HAVE SCHOOL - due to the snow day earlier in the year
  • Fri. 25 FRIDAY DUTY - Team 1

SPRING BREAK! March 28-April 1


AdvancED Visit to Spearman: Tues., March 22

Reminders to prepare for AdvancED Visit:

  • Classroom visit: 20 minutes /each
  • Visitors will be using the ELEOT Observation Tool. They are looking only at what the students are doing. Are the students engaged? What is it like to be a learner in your classroom?
  • Have a desk and chair by the inside of door for the visitor.
  • Keep door unlocked
  • Have your lesson plans on the desk for the visitor.
  • Make sure your room and area in and around your classroom looks neat, orderly and child-friendly (like they always do - just make sure).
  • Make sure all bulletin boards look excellent. Don't feel pressure to do a new one, just make sure everything that is already there looks good and has current dates and student work on it.
  • Please review the information below on our Updated Mission Statement, Vision, etc.
  • We emailed you a cheat sheet of facts and AdvancED for you to review.


Due to the AdvancED Accreditation process and our district's request to keep everything aligned with Anderson One, we needed to adjust our school's Mission Statement and Vision and Beliefs. Along with you, I do like what we already have in place, so we have decided to keep some of what we already have and have communicated, but we need to tweak some language and labels/titles. We also needed to adapt our language to align with our state's adoption of the PROFILE OF THE SC GRADUATE.

Please review and be familiar with the relatively new information below pertaining to Spearman's Mission, Charge, Vision, and Beliefs.

Spearman's Mission Statement

Spearman Elementary School is committed to providing each student with world class knowledge, skills and life characteristics based on the individual needs of each student.

Spearman's Charge

At Spearman Elementary School, we are committed to be our B.E.S.T. every day for every student.

B - Being effective with instruction.

E - Excelling in all we do.

S - Supplying students with a safe environment.

T - Treating all children with love and respect.

Spearman's Vision

We envision a school...

  • Where all stakeholders feel safe and the environment is conducive to optimum learning.
  • Where differences in student needs are recognized, valued, and addressed to maximize opportunities for success.
  • Where all stakeholders are treated with fairness and respect.
  • Where all stakeholders are accountable and collaborate in the educational process.
  • Where students are college and career ready for the changing demands of society through progressive, rigorous and engaging educational experiences.
  • Where individuals are provided relevant curricular opportunities to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Where all stakeholders are encouraged to recognize, respect and embrace diversity.

Spearman's Beliefs

We believe the following:

  • Students learn best in a safe and secure environment where they are valued and treated with fairness and respect.
  • A safe environment includes the physical, emotional and social well being of all students and staff.
  • Digital citizenship and online safety are the responsibility of all stakeholders.
  • All individuals can learn, be successful, and make a valuable contribution to society.
  • Each individual has different needs and deserves equal opportunities to achieve at his/her greatest potential.
  • A world class education, as defined by the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, is the responsibility of all stakeholders. Learning is a lifelong process that requires perseverance and self-direction.


Please review the document below. We all need to be familiar with this profile. Click on link to see the PDF of the PROFILE OF SC GRADUATE

Big image

Report Card Information

  • Mar. 22 End of 3rd Nine Weeks
  • April 6 Grades in by 12:00 noon
  • April 7 Grades Verified by Mrs. Stoddard
  • April 7 Ramona will store grades
  • April 7 Print Report Cards (we will print 3rd-5th in office) K-2 will print in your room (unless you need help)
  • April 8 Report Cards go home in report card envelope

  • *Remember to send your report cards home in the report card envelopes.
  • **See Mrs. Stoddard if you do not have report card envelopes.
  • More information below:

    Thank you for reading this information thoroughly. I appreciate you placing importance on everything I send out. If you have read all the way to this point in the memo please DISCRETELY stop by the front desk, by the end of the day on Monday 21 and say to Cicily or Gaye, "I read it!" to receive a special gift. PLEASE do not spread the word :) This gift is for those who are reading everything thoroughly. Thank you!


    Here is the link to my school calendar. Please review this calendar often for any updates or changes.