Eleesha Mayo

Rio De Janeiro,Brazil

Getting There

My idea on how i'll be getting there is by the United Airlines.

Where to Stay

Rio has great beach houses and hotels. A luxurious place Karen and I will be staying at is The Ipanema beach. The Ipanema beach cost is only $32 per night which is an amazing cost for such a great beach house. There's other really great places to stay at, such as The Mango Tree which is a very sophisicated place in villa.



  1. Rio De Janeiro has many festive and fun activities that not only you would like but your whole family would like to! Ipanema beach known as the hippie and gay beach. Karen and I are also going to go shopping at Maria Oiticia which suppose to have great clothing and amazing handcrafted accessories. There's also a carnival parade with samba school themed music,dances,costumes,and floats yearlong. Rio jazz festival is another activity i will be going to, it's a great way to join together and dance the night away. Also, i really like films and the film festival there is very important in Latin America. There's over 200 films around the world are shown there at over 35 theaters . The festival only lasts 15 days from the last of September to the beginning of October.
  2. http://www.lonelyplanet.com/


A problem that can occur during this vacation is running out of money. You can run out of money easily. Trust me iv'e had this problem while going shopping. For example say you go to the Gay pride and you want a souvenir there but you dont have enough money. A soloution for this problem is to only buy things that you actually desire for. Also to not buy things that you won't actually love for a long time.


Why I chose Rio De Janeiro is because it seems like a place that's never boring. I think it won't be boring because there's so many festivals and fun activities.

What I learned from this learning experience is that planning a trip is not easy. Actually it's quite difficult. I think it's difficult because you can't just go somewhere without planning it, unless you already know the area. Also, you need to know financially how much it's going to cost and when and where you'll stay.

About the Traveler

Im a traveler that doesn't want to just go and explore but I also want to know about there customs and festivals. I'm also not very active which means that may not actually not like to hike. I'm the person to go shopping instead of learning the place.