The Fab Five

Everday Is a new challenge

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Lil' D

Last but not least, my little sister. She is and always will be my best friend. We fight a lot but I know deep DEEP down, our love for each other is infinite. She may make me upset or the other way around but we can't stay mad at each other because we're very close. I'll ride and die for for my sister.
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This photo represents my oldest sister, Nabresha Hughes. Also known as, J-Bresha, for her deadeye jump shot, She made a name for herself during the time she played basketball with Orangeburg-Wilkerson High School. She played for four years and shortly after her graduation got a full scholarship in academics and athletics. She is my role model because she gets her work, she is respectful, and she does the right thing. She is my inspiration and always will be.
Omarion -Show Me Feat Jeremih {Prod By Da Internz}