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Principal's Point of View

How can parents help their students be successful? One of the best ways is to discuss their data with them. WE use many types of formative and summative assessments. Students take classroom tests, i-Ready Diagnostics, and District Diagnostics, to name a few. When you come in for a conference with your students' teacher, they discuss data as part of the meeting. Parents have recently been given access to an online platform, Unify, where students in grades 2-8 take assessments that utilize a bubble sheet as an answer sheet or they take them directly on line. If they utilize a bubble sheet then we scan the answer sheets and the data will digitally populate. When they take the assessment on line the data is available fairly quickly as well. Please utilize the PowerPoint below and follow the directions to view classroom assessments, Diagnostic and FSA data. (The i-Ready cannot be found on this site, but only through i-Ready.)

For students in grades 3-8, this is where you will be able to see the FSA scores early in the summer as quickly as they are released. Parents can go on the website now and see all the past FSA scores and you will see the Winter diagnostics that students in grades 3-8, have just recently taken.

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Upcoming Events

Please check our website for our calendar of events using this link:

When you see an event that you must attend, simply click on it and it can be added to your Google or Outloook calendar. If the event is underlined, then there is a flyer linked to it as well.

Simply click on it and the flyer will open up with more information.

IB PYP Update

This month the IB Learner Profile for February is, Risk-Taker. A Risk-Taker is someone who approaches uncertainty with forethought and determination. someone who can work independently and cooperatively to explore new ideas and innovative strategies.

A Risk-Taker is resourceful and resilient in the face of challenges and change. Ask your student what makes them a Risk-Taker?

Great Things I Recently Noticed on Campus

  • Ben Franklin birthday celebrations
  • Boys basketball team continues to be undefeated (6-0)
  • IB projects are decorating our school hallways
  • Science fair projects were completed for elementary school
  • Bolt Band Outreach Tour
  • 6th grade Bone Valley Trip
  • Safety Patrol trip to Washington DC and it snowed on the first day
  • 2nd quarter awards assemblies
  • 100th Day of School activities
  • Dictionary donation to 3rd grade students by the Boca Raton Rotary Club

Franklin FIRST

Franklin’s Instagram Run by Seniors on Thursdays.

Our PPHS campus is selecting a "Senior Spotlight", to showcase one of the seniors at our Broward County High School. Please follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to see all the wonderful things our soon to be high school graduates are doing.