Slaves 1500-1600

By: Landon Olszewski


In the 1500-1700 hundreds there was slavery in almost every part of the world it was terrible to think about let me tell you why there were slaves. There were slaves from Africa they got taken away from there families becuase there were RACIAL color and not Catholic. Slaves had to serve there master or they got whipped or starved if they were not working hard enough of back talking to their master. There were 5 ways slaves got free only slaves that were lucky got free one was that their master let them go.

Why there were slaves

Sometime in the 1500 there were slaves. Americans, Europeans and southern people took Africans away from there families. They got taken because. They were a diffrent color and not CATOLIC. 5 million got taken on a ship to the southern so they could do get selled to a master. About 1.5 million died and the rest were very sick Africans got called colored, Afro-American and black. These are terrible things and names lives got taken away time to see what slaves had to do.

What slaves had to do

Slaves had masters that they had to obey. Masters controlled there salves any way they wanted. Slaves had to work on getting crops plating the crops. Making food Having to work really hard to maybe get a little food for the week. If slaves disobey there master or back talk they got wipped starved and beat to death and it was allowed there was now law against it. They didn't get any sleep they could stay up all night working or they might go to bed at 11pm or 12pm and they had to wake up at 5am without anyone waking them up and if they were not awake and working by that time they got a rude awakening. Masters owned there's slaves and could make them do anything they want

How slaves got free

There were 5 different ways slaves could get free. First one MANUMISSON where the master was kind and free them. Second pay slaves could pay 20 dollars to get free and that might not be a lot back then that was 20,000 for us and no one could ever make that much money unless they were the rich of the rich. Third masters didn't want there child to grow up seeing a slave so they let the slave be. The last way a slave could be free was by escape once in a while a master might take the chains off a slave to do a certain task that's when slaves went and try to escape even though if the master caught them the slave was dead and most of the slaves got caught and died only some where lucky to escape. Every slave could get free if they tryed it could get them killed.


These where why there were slaves what slaves did and how slaves got free. Slaves got to be slaves because there where diffrent color and no white slaves having a white slave was illegal. Slaves had to obey there masters of they got beat. Not many slaves escaped some where lucky and found a way and lived free. Slaves had to do a lot for just For there

Iives whites looked down on slaves when they should not of they should of thought that they where the same kind of people


CATOLIC-ancient undivided Christian church or a church claiming historical continuity

MANUMISSON-a act where a slave owner free her or his slave

RACIAL-diffrent color then whites want


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