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Veterans' Week


I may be a veteran teacher of 17 years, but I am not even close to a U.S. Military Veteran. I know myself well enough to know that I could probably not make it even a day in the military, but my husband is an Army National Guard Veteran who was deployed to Kuwait in 2000. I am thankful for him, and I'm thankful for any of your or your family members who have served. Thank you SO much! (And Wednesday lets all be thankful) This is a great city, state, and country that we live in, and we can thank our military for much of that.

I think of this day very fondly, since I used to work near Fort Lewis/McCord Army and Airforce joint base in Washington state. I've taught kids of families whose kids were deeply impacted. I can think of some kids who had both parents deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and were being watched by grandparents and other family members. I have taught kids whose dads were gone for 6 months to a year and their moms were so strong... Sometimes I am distraught over my husband being gone as a paramedic/firefighter for 48 hours. When I taught there, I was not a mom. I was a good teacher, but not a mom who could relate to having a husband/father of my children gone for 6 months or more in a war zone. Now, as a mom, and a teacher, I think of those days and how strong those families had to be.

If you or a family member have served in the military - thank you from the bottom of my heart for defending this amazing country.

With that being said, Wednesday, November 11th, is not just another day off for me.

Upcoming Events:

This week:

11/11 Veterans Day. No School. Thank a Vet.

11/10 - 5:30 pm If you are interested in coming to our Whole Brain Child speaker night here at Pine Ridge, Please let the office know and they will sign you up.
You may be able to sign up using this link. Give it a try! It's a great book, and we referred to it at curriculum night.

11/11 Veterans Day. No School. Thank a Vet. :)

11/13: Our first forest day!
If you have signed up for this event, please plan on coming. Just a reminder that younger siblings may not attend. If you plan on coming, please bring a backpack, and dress appropriately for the weather. This is our first try, so bear with us, as we are learning as well. Please make sure kids are dressed appropriately. If your child does not receive regular school lunches, I did not order a school lunch for your child. Please plan on sending a lunch from home that day. Thank you!

11/19: College Day! Your kiddos should dress for their (or, most likely, your favorite college.) We will talk about college and how important it is, etc. Plus talk about occupations, etc.

11/23-11/27: Thanksgiving Break - No School.

Ask your kids about:

*Our daily calendar routine and songs.

*Observing Nature

*All of the ways to make 5 - starting this week.

*Forest days. FRIDAY!!!

*Who are they playing with on the playground, etc.

*Mileage Club.


Sign Up for classroom Volunteer Spots here!

I'm ready for you to start ASAP.