Criterion D

Evaluate Project

After making this project which is making a toy in this project, I can collect my feedback from my little cousin and some of my friend brother and they all from the age 8 to 10, by collecting all the information first of all I need to let them play with my toy and tell me how it is feel and how does they like about my toy.

Evaluate Project to my friend

  • Dara:
Like: nice design, good shape, good drawing.
Dislike: the toy can't move
  • Haroon

Like: the way how useful the toy is.
Dislike: no color

  • Vong Vong

Like: nice drawing, nice design.
Dislike: no movement

  • Cameron

Like: good drawing and useful toy.
Dislike: no color no movement


This is all the feedback and how my little cousin and my friend brother like about my toy and I only interview two of them:

- My little cousin in the age of 10: For this toy I really like how it's look and also the drawing you have on the toy, but I the only thing I want to see is color, the toy must have more color and also have more function.

- My friend brother in the age if 8: For this toy I like it so much because wall-e is one of my favorite disney character but I want to see more function and plus I also want this toy can move around but I think this toy also can be dangerous for kid too, because this toy might hurt them because it made out of wood.

Evaluate for my self

In this project I will already made a toy call wall-e toy clock this toy you can play with it or place it in one place in side of wall-e you can place your clock in side by open wall-e belly or the front area, this project is very challenging for me because I never made out of toy before and plus I don't really know how to use a tool very well too.


In this is project I need to improve a lot of stuff in my wall-e toy and the first thing that I need to improve is movement of a toy, second one will be the style because modern kid like more stylish stuff and last but not least is color, having more color will be a positive impact and also make you brain can imagine and it will be more colorful thinking for them