china and population control

By:Megan McCallum :)

What is control population in China?

Control population varies by country,but in China it means that a women can give birth to only one girl.If the women is expecting more than one girl the consequences are catastrophic.Ranging anywhere from abortion to executing the carrier

The women who lost everything (my poem)

The sky was blue but their heart was black

all i wanted was to be happy and they didn't want that

my heart broke when it was me or the baby

my life is not more important than my babies

but that decision killed us both

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Diary of a mom of 2 girls

January 4th 2003

My name is Lauren Sasha I am a mother of two girls and i live in china.This will be my last update the government is looking for me.I have broken the law by having my second girl,but i do not regret my decision for keeping her.She is my daughter and i will do whatever it takes to keep my little girl safe,even if that means taking my own life.

this is Lauren Sasha saying goodbye

Letter to mom of the second daughter

Dear mom,I know you have been looking for me for a while,but i just want to tell you to stop i am fine hiding from the government.The government shows no mercy i can run longer than you can I want you to be safe.I am almost away from this hell hole I love you and papa so much.I hope you guys stay safe as I am trying to.

Your daughter,Elisabeth Carly

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Interesting facts

.The china government will stop at nothing to make sure if you get pregnant with a second girl that you don't give birth to the second girl.

.Women in China try everything not to have a girl at all to make sure they don't have twin girls.

.The men with wives would prefer for them not to get pregnant at all so there isn't a chance of anything going wrong.

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two sisters

The picture above of the two sisters is so adorable isn't it? Girls in China will never get to experience the love of another sister.They don't even know what it's like to have a sister