LIL Wayne

The Best Rapper In The World!

Role Model

My role model is LiL Wayne. The reason i chose this rapper is becuase i think hes good at what he does, wich is being a Rapper,Songwritter,Producer,and Entrepreneur.He is currently signed with a record label called Young money. He has made alot of songs some have became big hits like, Down,Lollipop,Let it Rock,Soldier,How To love,and Look at me now.

LiL Wayne was born on September 27,1982 in Hollygrove neighbrohood of New Orleans,Lousiana.LiL Wayne makes about 90 Million Dollars a year.He doesnt really have any major accomplishments than winning a grammy in 2005.A couple weeks ago LiL Wane almost died of sizzurp and also staring rapping at the age of 9.