Richardson Area Association of Black School Educators

March 2017

President's Welcome

I feel humbled and honored for this opportunity to serve as president of the Richardson Area Alliance of Black School Educators. RAABSE is a local affiliate which is governed by our state affiliate – the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE), and our national affiliate – the National Association of Black School Educators (NABSE). The focus of my priorities as president, along with my executive board, align with the mission and vision of TABSE/NABSE which is to:

A. Provide professional training opportunities

B. Host networking opportunities

C. Advocate and promote community and youth development

D. Recognize outstanding students and educators

Whether you are interested in strengthening your network, furthering your career or maybe just in need of a few more friends, RAABSE is a professional organization that is a great option for you. In addition to providing information about your chosen field, RAABSE can enhance your personal and professional development and provide endless networking opportunities.

We live in a day and age where establishing a presence in any given career field often demands working long hours in the office and bringing work home when the doors close. At the end of the day, you may have ideas for cultivating partnerships, yet not feel up to shouldering all the responsibility to organize them. As a member of RAABSE, you will have access to an established support system of experienced people who are motivated to get things done. The battle is half-won!

Learn to love what you do! You may not even know that you love something, but it’s important to be proactive about things you discover on the journey. I invite you to join RAABSE and discover something new TODAY!

If you any questions about RAABSE or interested in joining, let’s start a conversation by calling me at 214-770-0456. I look forward to hearing from you.

Darwin Prater Spiller

President of RAABSE

What is RAABSE?

The Richardson Area Association of Black School Educators (RAABSE) is an affiliate of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators and is committed to personal and professional development; with a compelling spirit to give back to others.

The mission of RAABSE is to enhance and facilitate the education of African American people; and to:

  • Establish a coalition of African American educators and others directly or indirectly involved in the educational process.
  • Create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve educational opportunities for African Americans.
  • Identify and develop black professionals who will assume leadership positions in education.
  • Influence public policy concerning the education of African American people.
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RAABSE 2016-2017 Executive Board

Mr. Darwin Prater Spiller-President

Dr. Duana Kindle-Past President

Ms. Ishii Tavarez-Vice President

Mr. Michael Thomas-Treasurer

Mrs. Charis Hunt-Recording Secretary

Ms. Tara Eldridge-Chaplin

Mrs. Tamesia Chatman-Corresponding Secretary

Ms. Angela Guesby-Parliamentarian

Mrs. Fannie Albert-Financial Secretary

Mr. Walter Smith-Historian

What's New with RAABSE??

TABSE Conference

The 2017 TABSE conference was a huge success! Our own President Mr. Spiller co-hosted the TABSE Gala Awards and it was a fun night to remember! We had a RAABSE student spotlight, Arthur Anderson III that was honored at the awards banquet. Mr. Anderson is a Lake Highlands High (Richardson ISD) Senior.

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Facebook Mixer Page

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Joint ABSE Mixer

Thursday, March 23rd, 6pm

725 Central Expressway

Richardson, TX

Area ABSE's will join together to have a great evening of networking and fellowship!




Southwest DC


It's going to be a great evening! Free appetizers and gift card giveaways!

This is a come and go event, however we'd love for you to stay and hangout!

Keeping up with Legislation

Dr. LaRuth Gray, NABSE Governmental Relations and Legislative Liason to the Executive Board has announced that a NEPI (National Education Policy Institute) conference is being planned for May 4-5, 2017, in Washington D.C. The NEPI conference is not a large conference in attendance like NABSE or TABSE conferences, but it is designed to have D.C. legislative members discuss key topics with attendees and to visit Capitol Hill offices of representatives from the various states of conferees to present topics of importance to the organization.

It is my understanding that Thursday topics will include: 1. The status of Public Education: Alternative Facts and Reality, 2. Medicaid, 3. Higher Education re-authorization, 4. Student's civil rights and congressional legislation, 5. Immigration, 6. The history of state and local control within Public Education. Friday, May 5, 2017, will be arranged to visit Capitol Hill offices of our Texas Senators and Congress persons. During visits to offices, topics including Medicaid, Higher Education, Juvenile Justice and ESSA and Civil Rights will be discussed by the group. Talking points will be presented to attendees prior to office visits to help organize each (State) team making visits with their representatives.

Despite the dates of the conference and short notice, this "Hill" visit will be both informative and educational in nature for anyone who participates. Feel free to contact me or Dr. LaRuth Gray for additional information.

Melvin Guider

TABSE Legislative Chair

Next RAABSE Meeting

Tuesday, March 28th, 6pm

12800 Abrams Rd

Dallas, TX

Our next meeting will held in Sabine Hall, Room SH117on the Richland College Campus. Refreshments and snacks will be served. Also, all attendees will be entered into a raffle for a gift card.

Future Meetings:

  • April 25th
  • May 23rd



Texas Alliance of Black School Educators is an affiliate of NABSE. TABSE is committed to improving the educational achievement of African-American students by increasing the participation and expansion of Texas affiliates. TABSE further believes in identifying and promoting those activities, which are designed to sensitize the public at-large and educators, specifically to the needs of African-American students in academic and non-academic areas of development.


The National Alliance of Black School Educators is the nation's premier non-profit organization devoted to furthering the academic success for the nation's children-particularly children of African descent. Now in its 46th year, NABSE boasts an outreach to more than 10,000 preeminent educators including teachers, administrators, superintendents as well as corporate and institutional members. Found in 1970, NABSE is dedicated to improving both the educational experiences and accomplishments of African American youth through the development and use of instructional and motivational methods that increase levels of inspiration, attendance and overall achievement.

Archived Newsletters

Submission for Member News

Do you have any news that you'd like to share with the RAABSE organization? We'd love to hear about any future events, news or spotlights! Please submit them to Ishii Tavarez by the end of each month.