The Indian Troubles

Zouwa Toure and Essence Akins

The removal of the Indians

In the 1838, Indians were forced to move out of their homeland and move to the west. White soldiers came in and marched all the Indians they could find and started making walk. They walked through the extremely cold weather with very little food. They had poor clothing so many died from hypothermia. Many died from starvation and diseases. Thousands were forced in dirty boats with bad food, which many died from. On the walk, about 4000 indians died before they got there. There is a legend that the Cherokee Rose would grow where the crying mothers tears would land. The Cherokee Rose is now Georgia's state flower.


Dahlonega Gold Rush

Gold was discovered in Dahlonega in 1829. Lumpkin County was the 1st gold mining center in the U.S. GA passed a law that places part of the Cherokee land under state control and they could not speak against white men in court . In Dec. 1829 ,another law refused the Cherokee any right to gold mined in Dahlonega. The Cherokee lost homes ,lands, and legal rights as a result.

Zouwa Toure and Essence Akins