Canada In 2060



Today's Immigration, Population and First Nations situation in Canada has massively changed comparing to decades ago. Immigrants now whom come to Canada have different reasons why they come to Canada then years back. The First Nation community in Canada is just getting larger each year. Birth and death rate in Canada has a massive difference than in the 1930's. All these current situations vary and can be disparate in 5 decades.

Immigration in Canada

Thousands of years back, Immigrants came to Canada for Political freedom, Religious tolerance and slavery purposes. These Immigrants wanted freedom and which they did not get at their native country. Most immigrants came from European countries (78.3% of Canadian immigrants were from Europe before the 1970's) such as United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, etc.

In current situations, Immigrants whom come to Canada seek for job opportunities, free healthcare, and higher education. These Immigrants wanted a better life for them and their children. Most immigrants today come from Asian countries (56.9% of Canadian immigrants are from Asia) such as India, China, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc. Currently Canada is open to welcoming 250 000 immigrants and refugees each year.

In 40 years, I predict that Canada will have more immigrants to replace the baby boomer's. Currently, baby boomer's are of the age 50-70. By 2060, Majority of the baby boomer population will no longer exist. This means a big portion of Canada's population will rapidly decrease until there is no longer anyone who were born from the years 1946-1964. When this happens, Canada's immigration population (Which currently is about 6 million out of Canada's total population) will need to increase because Canada's birth rate is low at 1.61 births per woman. We also have a serious lack in skilled workers in several fields, particularly in construction but also lacking in engineers, physicians and nurses. I also predict that Canada will get immigrants from small densely populated countries and countries in the Middle East.

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In the image shown above, it predicts how Canada's population will be different using two population pyramids comparing the years 2011 and 2050. In 2050, there seems to be more infants and elders living compared to in 2011. This may be because we would advance our knowledge on health/medical care.

Our First Nations Community in Canada

First Nations have been living in Canada for about 12 000 years. Since then our First Nations community has grown. Currently there is about 1.8 million First nations in Canada, which is about 5.6% of Canada's total population. In 40 years, I predict the First Nations community would grow about 2X larger then it is currently and become 1/10 of Canada's population in 2060.

Currently in Canada, majority of the first nation population live in provinces such as the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In further years, I envision that the First Nations Community will spread amongst Canada and other Canadians will also do so, which would allow us to live together as one big community. I believe we will give respect and give rights to indigenous people.

Another current situation in Canada related to the First Nations Community is about education. The number of indigenous people whom don't have a high-school diploma is decreasing. I predict that this will definitely change in the future because of the increasing school enrolment for indigenous people. This means they will have a stronger education which will become beneficial for them to have job opportunities and to not live in poverty any more. So in conclusion, I predict that First Nations will not have to face unemployment and poverty in the year of 2060.

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In the image shown above, it represents the First Nations reasons why they did not continue with their education (post secondary). They needed to get a job to help the family stay stable and getting married at a young age and not being able to continue with their education.
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Canada agreed to accept First Nations and to give the First Nations just as many rights as every other Canadian does. Canada still has not took full actions on this matter.

Trudeau Makes Promises

In the video below, Justin Trudeau laid out his plan to restart the relationship between Canada and indigenous people. He states, "It is time for a renewed, nation to nation relationship with First Nations peoples, one that understands that the constitutionally guaranteed rights of First Nations in Canada are not an inconvenience but rather a sacred obligation". This proves my point that we will start to take actions on respect to the First Nations community.
Justin Trudeau warmly welcomed by First Nations leaders

Trends in Demographics

Canada had a population of about 20 million in the year 1966. About 15-16 years later the population grew to about 25 million. This increase in population kept happening (each 15-16 years the population grew about 5 million more). Currently in Canada, we have a population of 35.87 million. If this growth in population seems to continue, I predict that in about 40 years the population will at least increase about 10-15 million more and Canada's population will be about 47 million. By 2060, Canada will be seeking for more immigrants because majority of the baby boomer population will no longer be living which means we will be lacking of skilled workers. New Immigrants is another reason for why Canada's population will increase.

Currently in Canada our birth rate is 10.3 births/1000 population (2014 est) and our death rate is 8.3 deaths/ 1000 population (2014 est), which makes the natural increase rate 1.98. I predict that by 2060, the natural increase rate would decrease to about a natural increase rate of 1. This would be because the birth rate in Canada is slowly decreasing and the death rate is slowly increasing.

Other things that may change in 2060:

  • Fertility rate: Currently Canada's fertility rate is 1.61 births per woman. My prediction is that it will only decrease a slight amount but won't make a big difference.
  • Population Growth Rate: Currently Canada's growth rate has a 1.2% annual change. My prediction is that it will increase slightly.
  • Life Expectancy: Currently Canada's Life Expectancy is at age 81.24 years. My prediction is that it will increase slightly.

My Life in 2060

There are many things to expect in the year 2060. I will be about 59 years old. At this age I would be done my education and will be working at a job, most likely for to earn money to have a stable home. I would have a family of my own with have two children in there 20's, having their post-secondary education. Comparing this to my parents current lives, it isn't that different but there is a few things that may change over they years. In 2060, I expect there to be more job opportunities because Canada will be lacking in skilled workers after we have no more baby boomers. I also expect there to be a slight increase in taxes because of the larger population.

In Conclusion...

In conclusion, I predict more immigrants coming to Canada, a larger First Nations Community all around Canada and that will not live in poverty and unemployment, a larger population in general for Canada, a higher death rate and lower birth rate, a lower fertility rate and a lower life expectancy.


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