Easter Newsletter

St Christopher's Primary School

Wishing everyone a well-earned holiday!

As you can read below, we've had a jam-packed term. It was tougher than we expected as Covid-19 took an unexpected turn and made school life difficult again. Despite this, parents and guardians should be very proud of their children's work and commitment to getting into school (or working at home when they couldn't attend). We can only hope that our Term 3 is less impacted by Covid-19 and we can return to more normal school routines.

I offer my sincere thanks to our wonderful staff, teachers, SNAs, ancillary staff, interns and student teachers. We are so blessed to have such highly committed, enthusiastic and loving staff who care so much for the children. Everybody has contributed to this term's work which you can read about below.

Thank you also to the parent volunteers who came in April 7th to manage the catering for our first ever reception after the Confirmation service yesterday. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate together in our lovely hall.

I wish you all a great Easter break and look forward to school reopening on Monday, April 25th for a sunny, fun-filled Term 3.

Annemarie Hogan


6th Class Students

Sixth Class have had a busy few weeks. As part of Engineers Week, we designed and made our own structures. Robyn created a tower using paper tubes, Kimberly was inspired by the Ha'penny bridge in Dublin and Dylan's construction was of Tsutenkaku in Japan. Some children had the opportuinity to share their creations with younger classes. We have also been perfecting our cricket skills this month and Kartik has become a skillful leader on the field! Our Cycling Safety programme is in full swing with Dr. Bike and we hope the children have begun to share their new knowledge and skills with their families.

To celebrate Green Day, we dressed up in our finest green clothes and performed Ballaí Luimnigh out on the playground.

We made our first trip of the year to Merrion Park at the end of March and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

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5th Class

The three Fifth Classes have had a very busy term. We finished reading our amazing novel ‘Journey to the River Sea’. The story, set in the Amazon, inspired much discussion and learning about rainforests, climate change, biodiversity etc. Ms Horan and Mr Moran’s classes made dioramas based on a rainforest theme. Ms Dermody’s class completed projects on rainforests and produced jungle inspired paintings.

Among our other activities this term we:

  • Celebrated Engineers Week in March with bridge building and construction projects. Ms Dermody’s class researched and constructed interesting structures from around the world.
  • Learned about the work of Henri Matisse and Paul Henry during art lessons, with the students producing their own masterpieces as follow up activities!
  • Continue to work hard at mastering Fifth Class Maths. Percentages, equivalent fractions, decimals, long division, timetables - all of these topics can be challenging but the three classes are making great progress with a very packed curriculum!
  • Enjoyed cricket coaching. This was a new sport for a lot of the students and was a great introduction to one of the world's most popular sports. We are now enjoying dance with Elaine every week as part of our PE programme.
  • Learned three new dances for the Céilí on Green Day and had great fun dancing in brilliant sunshine on the day!

We are now looking forward to a well deserved rest over the Easter break!

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Mr. Moran’s 5th class received their finished books from the Story Seeds book writing programme. Their story was written alongside other schools in the community and contains illustrations of our school from an artist.

During our studies of the rainforest, we made constructions showing the layers of the rainforest from recycled materials.

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4th Class

Ms Ryan's and Ms O'Toole's classes have been busy doing the Incredible Edibles programme; planting strawberries, potatoes, carrots, spinach and more. We will be getting ready to plant in our new garden space soon.

4th class has been learning lots of amazing facts about the Aztecs. Ms Ryan's class created Sun Gods made from clay. Ms.O’Toole’s class created Sun and Moon oil pastel pictures with Ms.Bradley. Ms. Scanlon’s created their own sun designs and decorated them with various patterns, shapes and colours.

4th class enjoyed Seachtain na Gaeilge and did some great posters based on different themes and seanfhocails.

This term, Ms. Scanlon’s 4th class are taking part in the Blue Star Programme and are learning all about the European Union. This month they participated in the Blue Star elements quiz on Kahoot and had great fun testing their knowledge and learning some new facts about the EU. They are looking forward to trying out the next quizzes in Geography and Cultures.

Emmy Bo, Jessica, Leila, Giuseppe and Leonilo from 4th class have reached the top six finalists of the STEPS Young Engineers Award 2021 with their project entitled ‘Water Saving Shower’. This is a fantastic achievement. It was selected by a panel of 6 judges comprising senior engineers from Intel, ESB, Tandem, ARUP, Kildare County Council and Engineers Ireland over a series of 3 judging rounds and over 500 entries.

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Harley, Ms. Scanlon's 4th Class

Harley in Ms Scanlon's fourth class has been working hard creating his own Dogman comic. He has shown great creativity in coming up with his own exciting plot and storyline. He has also been learning lots of new I.T. skills whilst using Microsoft PowerPoint. He is looking forward to publishing his comic and displaying it in the school library for all to read. Well done Harley!
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3rd Class

We have been very busy in 3rd class this term. We’ve learned so many new things and have had lots of fun! In Ms. Sweeney’s class we welcomed two new boys Yan and Artem who joined us from Ukraine. They are settling in well and are enjoying being a part of our St. Christopher’s family.

Some highlights from our term:

  • We learned all about maps and map skills this term and had a chance to put our skills in practice on our trip to Merrion Square.
  • We also started swimming lessons this term and have really enjoyed it!
  • We started our Incredible Edibles journey and so far have planted potatoes, strawberries, carrots, spinach and chives. We can’t wait to taste them once they’re are grown.
  • We celebrated Pancake Tuesday and even made some pancakes of our own.
  • We had lots of fun during Engineers Week!! The children worked together to create structures which were both tall and stable using straws!
  • 3rd class loved working on projects as part of International Women’s Day 2022 and learning more about some incredible women who inspire them and others!
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Bhí muid ag foghlaim faoi bia agus bhí bricfeasta galánta againn.

2nd Class

We had a very busy term in 2nd Class filled with fun. We studied the work of the artist Vincent Van Gogh and interpreted his paintings ‘Starry Night’ and ‘Sunflowers’. We were reading ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ in class, and we did wonderful art based on the novel including clay owls and firework scratch art.

We took part in lots of fun activities during Seachtain na Gaeilge including a Céilí, a Tráth na gCeist (quiz) and a Comortas Seanfhocail (competition). Ms Atkins’ class learned a poem as Gaeilge called ‘Éadaí’, Ms Harkins’ class learned a song called ‘Hocaí Pocaí’ and Ms Frewen’s class learned the ‘Haka Gaelach’.

2nd Class were also lucky enough to participate in both Fencing and Cricket classes this term, where they had loads of fun learning the rules and practicing their new skills!

For Engineers Week, the children designed and tested different kinds of paper aeroplanes – with some very successful results!

1st Class

1st class have been busy at work this term, celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge, World Book Day, Engineers Week, International Women's Day and Lent to name a few.

To celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge and World Book Day, we had a visit from Irish author Bridget Bhreathnach. Bridget visited all of the classes to read her story "Cluasa Capaill ar an Rí", the first World Book Day book to be released in the Irish Language! Bridget taught the children about Ireland's storytelling tradition and guided them in creating their own fairytale character through English and Irish.

The World Book Day celebrations continued with our trip to the book shop. Together the children walked to Eason's in St Stephen's Green to spend their World Book Day tokens. After Bridget's visit, many children chose to buy "Cluasa Capaill ar an Rí" with their token. Some of the other titles the children bought were, "The Worst Class in the World in Danger", "Think Like a Boss" and "Hey Duggie". The children visited the playground in St Stephen's Green afterwards, however, some children were so eager to read their new book that they made mini book clubs around the playground in order to get reading as soon as possible.

To celebrate Engineers Week, 1st class tuned into the Engineers Week broadcast to learn about what an Engineer does and how examples of engineering surround us everyday. We took part in an engineering challenge to create the tallest tower by stacking paper cups. The children compared the stability of a narrow base versus a wide base and planned their towers according to how they believed they could create the sturdiest and tallest tower.

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Senior Infants

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Junior Infants

We have had lots of fun in school this term. We were so excited to participate in Engineers Week. We had the task of building bridges and worked alongside the children from 6th class.

We were also very lucky to learn Gaelic football skills in conjunction with Clanna Gael and we enjoyed a Spring walk in the lovely weather.

Green School . . . Green Flag

We are all working hard towards obtaining our 6th Green Flag. We have been raising awareness about Global Citizenship and maintaining our Litter and Waste Flag. Some children brought in food and wore traditional clothes from their home countries. We recorded the children holding the flags of their home countries and greeting everyone in their national language. This was recorded and shared with all the classes and forms part of our Green Flag submission.

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Gaelbhratach – Seachtain na Gaeilge 2022

Mar chuid den Seachtain na Gaeilge, d’eagraigh an Coiste Gaelbhratach gníomhaíochtaí spraíúla. An tseachtain seo, ghlac na páistí páirt sa chomórtas seanfhocail agus draíodóir focail. Bhí orthu pictiúir a chruthú is a tharraingt chun seanfhocal agus foclóir áirithe a léiriú. Rinne na páistí sár jab agus bhí duais speisialta bronnta ar an mbuaiteoir i ngach rang. Comhghairdeas ollmhór leis na páistí go léir!!

As part of Seachtain na Gaeilge, the Gaelbhratach Committee organised a range of fun activities. That week, the pupils took part in a seanfhocail and draíodóir focail competition.

As part of this they created a picture to convey a specific Irish language proverb and Irish vocabulary. The pupils did a fantastic job and a special prize was awarded to the winner in each class. Huge congratulations to all the children involved!!

Engineers Week 2022

In February we took part in Engineers Week. The classes were very busy brainstorming, predicting, designing, creating and testing different structures that they built. It was super to see all the fantastic engineering happening throughout St. Christopher’s! Students built boats, aeroplanes, bridges, towers, rockets and even roller coasters! It was very exciting when 6th class presented their engineering designs to Junior Infants and students from Ms. Sheridan’s class taught the Infants how to test paper bridges!

Lots of learning and fun was had!

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Book Club & Junior Librarians

Meet the members of our Book Club: Mike, Keris, Ryan, Lucian, Vibha and Tom, all 4th class pupils who love reading.

Our Junior Librarians work hard at keeping the school library in order. They often give up their break times to help out. They are Mia, Lily, Maire, Aurora and Gabija.

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Congratulations to the pupils in 6th class who received the sacrament of Confirmation on Thursday, April 7th. May the memory of this special day stay with you always. Many thanks to their wonderful teachers who prepared them for their Confirmation....Ms Carr, Ms Sheridan, Ms Crosson.
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Newsletter compiled by Ms Flynn and designed by Sharon Tempany (admin office).