Poetry Project

By: Draven Semmler

I Wish

By Draven Semmler

I wish I had a better diet,

I wish I had better skin,

I wish I had a new start,

I wish I had a better social life,

I wish I had both parents,

I wish I had better study habits,

I wish I had better grades,

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.


By Draven Semmler

I can't say no

every time you get close.

I can feel the energy

constantly radiating.

But then you stop,

making my heart do the same.

You act like this is a game,

but it's not.

I can't even look at you,

knowing every thing you do.

"I want to just be done,

but my legs refuse to let me run."

I don't want to keep playing...

but I love the game.


By: Draven Semmler


something to mind,

to paper.

something, anything.

a thought.

something, anything.

a word

a letter

a poem.