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January 29, 2016

Class Pizza Party Thursday, Feb. 4

Since our class brought in the most cans for the food drive in December, we earned a pizza party. It will be next Thursday, Feb. 4 during lunch. Each student will receive two slices of pizza. Please feel free to send additional lunch items with your child that day, if the pizza is not enough. We'll be eating in the classroom.

Valentine Party Feb. 10

Should your child want to bring Valentines, we'll pass them out at the party on Feb. 10. Students are welcome to decorate a box at home and bring it to school.


Students reviewed dividing decimals this week and took the assessment on Thursday. On Friday, students began investigating equivalent fractions using fraction tile manipulatives. The class came away with some great generalizations such as: if the numerator and denominator are the same, then the fraction is equal to a whole; if the numerator is half the amount of the denominator, then the fraction is equal to a half; also students noticed the multiplicative relationship between other fractions such as 1/4 = 3/12.

If your child has not yet achieved 100% multiplication/division fact fluency, please have him/her continue to use Reflex Math nightly.

E/LA & Social Studies

This week we began our Westward Expansion project which integrates reading, writing, and social studies. On Monday, students took their pretest over summarizing non-fiction text and previewed lots of books to find out the many components of expansion. They, then, flash-drafted all they already knew about those topics on Tuesday. Students thought about how non-fiction books are typically arranged while brainstorming and created topics and subtopics for their projects. Using both a National Geographic video and text about Lewis and Clark's expedition, students learned to identify the differences between important and interesting information. Using the strategy to read a paragraph at a time, retell the paragraph to a partner, and briefly discuss one's thoughts prior to writing helps students to better understand the text and write notes in their own words. Next week, we'll practice integrating information from multiple sources into their own text.


Students used the scientific method in two different investigations this week. Early in the week, students created ramps at varying heights to determine how they would impact the speed of a marble. In this investigation, we wrote the testable question and hypothesis as a class and discussed the terms independent, dependent, and controlled variables. They also practiced using data to support their conclusions. Today, students tested how rolling a marble across various surfaces: waxed paper, sandpaper, towel and foil would impact the distance it traveled. This reinforced our discussion of forces the previous day as this lab focused on friction. Using the procedure, student teams had to generate the testable question and hypothesis. I was impressed by how smoothly the testing process went today and how students used data from their investigation in their conclusions.

Next Week's Specials' Calendar & United Way Spirit Week

Monday, Feb. 1 - Day 3: Art (Midnight Monday - wear PJs - bring pennies)

Tuesday, Feb. 2 - Day 4: Library (Let's Glow Crazy - wear neon - bring nickels)

Wednesday, Feb. 3 - Day 1: Music (Wild Wednesday - wear animal print - bring dimes)

Thursday, Feb. 4 - Day 2: PE (Throwback Thursday - wear past decades - bring quarters)

Friday, Feb. 5 - Day 3: Art (Red Friday - wear KC Chiefs or red - bring dollars)

Upcoming Events:


2/2-Elective Ave (We'll travel to DMS during the school day for students to find out about their electives.)

2/2-Discovery Middle School Incoming 6th Grade Parent Night

2/5- Family Trivia Night

2/3 CiCi’s Pizza Night, 4:30-8:00 pm

2/8 through 2/11 Scholastic Book fair

2/9-Parent/Teacher Conferences, afternoon

2/10-Valentine Parties, 2:05-2:40 pm

2/11 All Pro Dads 7:10 AM - LGIR

2/11-Early Release, 12:50 Parent/Teacher Conferences


2/15- NO SCHOOL- President’s Day

2/18-Papa John’s Night

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