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Happy New Year ****** 2014 ******* Resolutions Anyone??

We all feel the importance of using our time well. It is a limited commodity and the beginning of the year is a good time to set priorities. Resolutions might not work for some people as they can be a set-up for failure. I prefer to make general intentions. Getting in touch with wisdom and staying true to our heart: Discovering more of what feeds our soul: & Clearing blocks that keep us from feeling good. These are worthy of our time and attention.

Whatever you do in 2014 I wish you each a deep experience of the beauty of life.

Upcoming Events

BodyTalk Fundamentals - Jan 24 - 27th Register - holly@bodytalkglobalhealing.com or 919-619-0165

This 4 day course gives you the information and experience to start exploring this effective system of healing.

Remove the Barriers, Blocks & Belief Systems that keep us Stuck, Entangled & Out of Balance

Make this year a break through in the long held patterns that prevent happiness and comfort

Are you burdened by emotions, confusion, anger and fears that were taken on from parents in childhood? Do you want to change this with ease & live your life rather than someone else's?

All life processes happen in the cell. BodyTalk works at the cell level to change patterns that keep us stuck in the past. This is all directed by your own body's innate wisdom. Come for a private session or come to the monthly clinic.

Call Carol Stanton at 919-357-8003 for availability.

Carol Stanton, MEd., Adv. CBP

Ms. Stanton is the owner of Wisdom's Way Health and Healing. She is an Advanced Certified Practitioner of the BodyTalk System with many years of experience in complimentary methods of health care and well being.