Children With ADHD

by Saum Samya 1/8/16 Dig Lit period 1

What is ADHD?

What are the symptoms of ADHD and what causes it? I chose Children With ADHD as my topic because I wanted to know how children with ADHD are treated in public or what is ADHD in general. ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a condition that robs children of their ability to pay attention. 11% of children have ADHD. Children with ADHD tend to avoid boring activities.
How to Recognize ADHD Symptoms in Children

Symptoms of ADHD.

One of the symptoms of ADHD is the inability to sit still. Children might run and climb on things constantly. Some kids talk excessively and can't play quietly. It causes hyperactivity. Another symptom of ADHD is impulsiveness. This causes kids to cut in line, interrupt others, or shouting out answers before a teacher can finish their question. This symptom makes it difficult for children to wait their turn.

What Do Others Think?

Honestly I think that kids should be treated the way everyone else is treated in school. Some people bully kids with ADHD or are left out. I think that no one deserves this. A question I wonder is what causes ADHD? Doctors are saying that if the mother was smoking or abusing drugs while pregnant it could cause the child to have ADHD. If without treatment ADHD might affect a child's development socially and academically. This leads to poor performance in school. This can lead to low self-esteem. Children that have ADHD have less activity in areas of the brain that control attention. There are no lab tests for ADHD.
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