All About Me

By Dakota Szyszko

I like the outdoors

I like to be at the mountains . It is calm and fun you can do so much fun things like make a campfire then you can make smores .Also it is fun to catch reptiles in the woods. Also you can go hiking in the woods witch is so fun.

I like going Camping

Its so fun because you can go fishing if there is a pond there. Also u can do there actvites there like bingo and all other ones too.

Favorite sport

Is baseball it is so fun because its so exciting .Its the best when you are up to bat it is so fun because when you hit it feels so cool.Also it fine when you pitch the ball to batter.

favorite food

My favorite food is cream chip beef its so good you eat it for breakfast .Its so good my favorite placeto get it from is Rad cliff Cafe . It is so tasty with home-fries.