3S Sensations

Week of 1.4.2016

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a nice Winter Break! We had a busy week, getting back into our routines. It was so wonderful to see everyone again!

Important Dates

1/11 ISP Begins

1/11 Noontime Enrichment Begins

1/12 Winter Concert 7 PM HMHS

1/14 School Store

1/18 No School MLK Day

1/20 Community Meeting 10 AM

1/26 Salad Bar

1/29 School Store

Writing Workshop

By Luke & Sammy

"Luke, isn't it funny that we are writing about writing?"

"Haha it is. I didn't notice that"

We're writing informatin books in class. (Things that we know a lot about.)

For example, Luke is writing about football and Sammy is writing about the Bahamas.

We first made a table of contents about our topic. A table of contents is when yo ulist the chapters in order on a sheet of paper. Then we taught about our topic by talking about it to our classmates. We also finished our planning. This week we finally drafted our first chapter! Some of us even go to write our second and third chapters. It was a lot of fun! We're not done yet but we're looking forward to finishing.


Do you know about chemistry? It is really fun! Yeah! This week we learned about a mystery chemical. We observed it twice, one time wet and one time dry. They are powders but we don’t know what type though. We had six powders in total, five of them we looked for these four things: look, smell, feel, and other observations. We also learned about properties such as shape, color, and size.

By: Court and Enya

Marvelous Journey of Math

This week in math we learned all abou tPerimeter. A perimeter is the distance around a figure. We focused mainly on squares and rectangles but you can find the perimter of any shape.

When we use squares and rectangles, we know that opposite sides are equal. So that helps us. It was a blast! Especially the part where we used our technology. In our Technology station we did a Brain Pop quiz. Brain Pop is a website where you can learn so much stuff!


Do you like reading About Reading? Well, if you do then it’s you’re lucky day! And if you don’t read it anyway!

We read biographies about George Washington Carver and Thomas Edison. They were really fascinating and they are really popular.

By: Aviva and Ryan


Do you know about Grammar? Well you should read this article. Do you know that you can replace nouns into pronouns? For example…..Izzy raised $150 dollars for jump rope for heart. You would change Izzy into "she" and write the sentence again. There can be types of pronouns like subject pronouns and object pronouns. I hope you liked reading this article!

By: Lila and Robert