Monday Minutes

March 25, 2019

Well, we sure came back with a bang last week! It was a busy week but definitely a fun one! This week will be busy too, but hopefully we are back in the groove now.

Extended planning is next Tuesday. Please remember to submit your agendas prior to the meeting. Please also plan to try out the organizer I handed out at our last staff meeting. I would love to hear your feedback about whether or not that is helpful when unpacking a unit plan.

A Word About Technology....

Our two biggest priorities in this building are student learning and student safety. When we are with students, our focus needs to be on them to ensure that they are safe and engaged in learning. Please put your cell phone away and only plan to use your computer when it pertains to the lesson you are teaching. We do not expect you to immediately check your email during the day. In fact, we would rather you do that before school, during planning, at lunch, and after school. If something urgent comes up, we will come and find you. That being said, if you have something personal going on which necessitates your need to check your cell phone during the day, please let us know. Just send us a quick email or pop on down to the office in the morning and fill us in. We want to support you and definitely understand that things come up that you need to take care of.

Upcoming Events

March 25 - Bryan and Wendy out for training - AM

March 25 - 5th grade parent information night, 6:00 PM SMS cafeteria

March 25 - Baby shower for Madison 3:15 PM - Library

March 27 - Principal meeting (Bryan and Wendy out AM)

March 27 - TL meeting

March 28 - GT Update 3:30 PM

April 2 - All Pro Dad's Breakfast

April 2 - Extended Planning

April 3 - Principal Meeting (Bryan and Wendy out AM)

April 3- TL Meeting

Instructional Minute

Did you know that the curriculum planner has many instructional resources for K-5? Check it out!