Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Stories with Connections to the Common Core

“The Gift of the Magi” by O’Henry:
Lesson ideas include teaching allusions and teaching irony.
“A Kidnapped Santa Clause” by L. Frank Baum
Elements of a folktale, personification and allegory.
“Bertie’s Christmas Eve” by Saki
“How Santa Clause came to Simpson’s Bar” by Bret Harte
This story shows that the redeeming value of Christmas applies to all, even the broken down men of Simpson’s Bar.
Story Links:
LInk for lesson plans:

Great Search Engine for Young Kids

Safe Search is a search engine powered by Google Custom Search and designed for schools. Safe Search is focused on a young kid audience.

Comparing Critical and Creative Thinking

This article has charts and Venn diagrams that explain the difference between critical thinking and creative thinking and the areas that overlap.

An Infographic on Infographics

It answers the questions, What is an infographic?

Why are infographics popular?

Why use infographics?

And, it gives you 7 steps to creating an infographic.


11 Alternatives to Round Robin Reading

Reading out loud in class is sometimes a traumatizing experience for poor readers. This article suggests 11 alternative methods that do not embarrass students in front of their peers.