Task 1.2 Courtney Heckels

Definition Of Entrepreneur:

Is an individual who has skills, knowledge , initiative and experience to enhance or improve themselves, their colleagues, organisation or others around them in a positive way.

Skills of and Entrepreneur:

Leadership - Leadership is a good quality to have because to run a business it involves being in control.

Teamwork - Teamwork is also a good skill because running a business includes working with other people and sharing your ideas, making you business the best it can be.

Communication - Communication is a good skill because if you can't get your idea across a business in the correct manner then the business may fail.

Management - Being able to manage a business can ensure that your business will succeed and not fail. This is important because it means your business is working the way its supposed to and you will succeed.

Self-Reflection - Self-reflection is a good skill to have when being an entrepreneur because this allows you to reflect o you workers and take action wherever it is needed.

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur:

Risk Taker - Being a risk taker is a good characteristic because it ensures your business can be the best it can be by taking risks that you could have missed it you were too scared.

Hard Worker - Being a hard worker is a good characteristic because if you put no effort into a business it will not succeed and will go bust.

Focussed - Being focused is a good characteristic because it means that you like to get stuff done for your business without any distractions and are always working 100%.

Charismatic - Being Charismatic leaders have extraordinary skills in communication, compassion, communications and listening skills. This is a good characteristic because it ensure your business will be a success.

Self-Belief - Self-Belief is a very important characteristic because if you believe you can do something then you will succeed. This also shows confidence and hard working, on the flip side it also shows discipline and dedication.