The Oily Builder

By: Amy Cassels, Young Living Silver

Dear Oily Family,

May is going to be HUGE!! People are ready and willing to learn about Essential Oils for their physical and mental health, cleansing and detox, money saving homemade recipe tips and more! We have a HUGE promotion with lots of free items for everyone to enjoy! Who couldn't use an extra diffuser? On top of that, our incredible leaders are also raffling off many items to encourage growth for all.

** May Promotions**

Promote these well! Show your members the value of our skin care products (will last them 4x as long as their department store items), cleaning products 85% more cost effective than "natural" cleansers from the store, and our supplements that are more powerful and pure than any others on the market!
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1. Define your WHY?

Your “why” is your long term vision for success in your business. Clinging to your “why” will help you manage your emotions and expectations. Look at it often!

CLICK HERE for a great article on how to determine your why!
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2. Always Dream big!

Listen to THIS YL Fast Track call recorded in 2014 based on John Maxwell’s teachings on “Building
(35 min)

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3. Know the income opportunity

Listen to this 35 minute audio about How to Generate an Income with Young Living-

The compensation plan when you are ready to learn:

Compensation Plan - Section 1: Introduction

4. Have you found your nich?

We all have an area that interests us and it's great to share with others our passion! By incorporating Young Living into your area; you already have a solid platform for success! So how do you go about getting started? Well, that is unique to you as well as the best way your target market will respond.

Lets name a few areas to reach people:

1. Facebook and other social medias

2. Video tutorials for youtube/vimeo

3. Personal one on ones

4. Small & med large classes

5. Podcasts

6. Expos and event booths

7. Word of mouth

Hands down the best way to get started is to make your list of 100 people that you feel would benefit from hearing your story. Remember, this is a relationship business. Building relationships is what its all about!! Hard to do that through a computer! This 100 list is your "warm market." Decide on a date to have a live class and begin personally inviting people. The way you invite is important too. If you just post on facebook, you may not get the response you are looking for. Take note of the market you are inviting and invite appropriately.

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5. Homework

  1. Write out your story. What is your background? What circumstances led you to discover essential oils?

  2. Write your WHY! What is your motivation and drive to share these oils and generate an income with Young Living?

  3. Write down your DREAM. How it is married to to your WHY?

  4. What was/were the most impactful questions about your dream in the call

  5. How are your EXCUSES & sabotaging thoughts killing your dream?

6. Knowledge is power

Make sure that your members have the resources they need to better utilize their essential oil investment. For references and educational materials, check out the "Essential Oils Desk Reference" from Life Science Publishing. Empowering yourself with knowledge.

7. Stay connected & keep your members connected

Classes are always in session and I am ALWAYS willing to come to you for a private one on one or small group learning experience. Stay up to date with the following resources available to you & your members. As always, if you are interested in setting up any of the following for yourself, I am happy to help!!! These are just tools that I have added on one by one as a means extra education for my members. They are not necessary but they do add value!

8. Are you a product of the product?

In order to share passionately, it must come from your heart. Understand that it is so powerful to have a personal testimony as to how the products work for you. I encourage you to branch outside the norm of the single oils and tap into the incredible power of our blends. These 3 oils listed below are divine and when used daily, you will see a dramatic change in your overall well being. Your frequency will soar!!

I am here to serve YOU!

Please do not ever hesitate to reach out! It's what I am here for!