December 2015

Plainfield Community Middle School

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It's Christmas Break time at Plainfield Middle School! Student's have successfully completed the first semester of the school year. In December we wrapped up Battle of the Beards, had an Ugly Christmas Sweater event,

Be merry and joyful, have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year and check out this edition of The Red Pride Review. See you in 2016!


Value of The Month

Brooke Joseph was awarded the Value of The Month at the board meeting on December 10th. Brooke Joseph is a model student. Not only is Brooke intelligent, she is kind and respectful to all of her classmates and teachers. Brooke embodies November's Value of the Month: Respect for Others' Rights.

Brooke often knows the correct answer to even the most challenging questions; however, never does she just blurt out an answer. She always raises her hand and waits to be called upon so that all of her classmates have the opportunity to think and learn. When working in groups, Brooke helps to guide her peers without just giving them the answer. She will often tell them to think about the problem a certain way or to check their work. She understands that everyone has the right

to learn and that others may not understand as quickly as she does. Brooke is positive. Even in the most challenging situations, Brooke has a smile on her face. She respects her teachers: if she has a question or if she doesn't understand something, she ask. Brooke is the perfect student to represent PCMS for November's Value of the Month!


7th Grade Art Gets Crafty

The 7th graders from Mr. Sprague's art class created sculptures using different materials. Mr. Sprague shared the creativity by displaying the works of art throughout the building.

Ugly Sweater Day

PCMS held Ugly Sweater day on December 4th! Tons of students participated and winners for the Ugliest Sweater were awarded Red Pride winter hat from Mr. Ellis. Students also were able to enter to win a Dairy Queen gift card at the PTO table during lunch for participating.

Library Elves

The PCMS Library Elves returned. Each day in December, pictures of elves reading books were hidden around the school. There was a 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade elf for each day. The first person that found the elf picture for their grade, received a prize from Mrs. Mansfield North. This was our version of Elf on the Shelf!

Battle of The Beards Comes to an End...

As previously reported in the October and November Edition of the Red Pride Review the Battle of The Beards has continued here at PCMS. This was a fundraising opportunity that students and staff participated in and all money is to be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. B.O.B. activities continued through December. Mr. Craney, Mr. Schoeff, and Mr. Planker all succumbed to the pressure and shaved before the conclusion of the competition. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Gauck, Mr. Arvin, Mr. Sprague, Mr. Dehoff, Mr. Mennonno, Mr. Mayfield, and Mr. Paschal are all still in the running for the Battle of the Beards Champion.

As pictured (right) Mr. Ellis' class raised over $1200 by Monday, December 14th causing The Glitter Beard. The final count for Team Ellis was a whopping $1689.25 making him Battle of The Beard Champ for the second year in a row.

Mr. Johnson's final count was a fantastic $588.50. Students who donated the most were able to take a swipe at Mr. Johnson's beard. In third place was newcomer Mr. Mennonno with $306.68. Great job teachers!

PCMS Ambassadors held a toy drive to benefit Sheltering Wings this holiday season.

Guitar Club jams after school in the commons.

Greek Olympics

The sixth grade class participated in their version of The Greek Olympics. Classes had been learning about Greece for about four weeks. They learned about the several different legacies that Greece left that are still a part of modern day society. Classes also learned about the Greek Gods, City/States and the Greek Olympics. Students were divided into their own city/states, wore homemade togas and competed in different events ranging from a javelin throw to broad jump. After the games students tried different cheeses, grapes, baklava, and juices. Certain students were also awarded medals for placing in the top three of each activity.


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Boys Basketball


A Note From Our Nurse:


The Indiana State Department of Health, in collaboration with local health departments, is investigating increased cases of pneumonia among elementary and middle school students in Central Indiana.

Pneumonia is an infectious disease that hits school aged children harder because they tend to share personal space and aren’t also diligent when it comes to hand washing. Pneumonia generally presents with increased fever, increased cough and gradually gets worse over the course of a few days. It affects the lungs (one or both) as the infection creates fluid and mucus that makes it harder for oxygen to get deep into the lungs causing difficulty breathing.

Pneumonia can be caused by bacteria or a virus. A cold or flu that gets worse can turn into pneumonia. Most kids with pneumonia will feel sick. Symptoms can vary depending it it’s caused by a virus or bacteria. With pneumonia caused by bacteria, a student might feel sick suddenly and have a high fever with chills. Pneumonia caused by a virus might happen more slowly and won’t make a person as sick. Either way, a student might feel like he or she has the flu with a cough, fever, headache and sometimes stomach pain. Pneumonia often causes pain in the chest, too-and a feeling like one can’t quite catch their breath. It can also lead to a loss of appetite.

There are several ways to keep from getting pneumonia. One is to get all of your shots because one of them can help to prevent a type of pneumonia called pneumococcal pneumonia. Getting a flu shot can also help guard against getting pneumonia. Getting enough rest is also very important because lack of sleep may make it harder for the immune system to fight infections. Hand washing is key! Regularly washing hands with soap and water can prevent colds, the flu, and picking up other germs that can cause pneumonia.

If the pneumonia is caused by bacteria, antibiotic medicine will be given. Antibiotics won’t work on viruses, so if that’s the cause of the pneumonia, usually only fever-reducing medicines are used. Saline solutions can be sprayed in a person’s nose to help loosen mucus. Using a cool-mist humidifier at home can also help. No matter which germ caused the pneumonia, getting rest and drinking plenty of fluids is always important.

Indiana State Department of Health

-Sara Wallon, RN