Community Supported Agriculture!!!


The Low-Down

In a world... where obesity runs rampant... and nachos are thought of as a basic food group... Yep, that's right, America... there is a group of heroes trying to save human beings from living unhealthy lifestyles. These heroes are none other than... YOUR LOCAL FARMERS! :D They're here to provide families with access to fresh-grown, De-Licious veggies every single week!  
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Sounds Rad! So, What's the Catch?

No catch whatsoever, all the families have to do is pay the money for their veggies and fruits up front, at the beginning of the growing season. So, everybody wins here. Farmers can pay to plant (avoiding debt) and people get healthy, delicious food practically delivered to their doorstep!
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We Want More! We Want More!

People have recently gotten smart about this nifty little service the awesome farmers provide. So, participation with CSA programs has increased exponentially! Everyone wants their fair share of the home-grown veggies. So many people have joined up, that farmers have even started selling meat, dairy products and even fresh flowers from their gardens! With CSAs, we're saving the planet and helping out local farmers one harvest at a time! Click the link below to find a CSA near to you and get some veggie power! :)
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