Preserver Through Adversites

By Aidan Jaramillo

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Caine's Arcade

Caine a little boy from Los Angeles has created an amazing arcade out of card board with prizes and tickets but their was only one problem no one wanted to play. Until one Day a man by the name of Nirvan Mullick came in and started to play and was surprised how well everything was made and was shocked to hear that he was one of the first customers. So he decided to do something about it so he posted on the event page of Facebook and invited people to make sings ad on the last day of summer. On that day he was given the chance to run his arcade in front of the hundreds of people.
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Ways To Live Forever

In ways to live forever the main character faces adversity in he is regular everyday life. Sam is this main character and also has Leukemia. Now he and his friend Felix who also has cancer attempt to do wild things but it's hard for them because they cant really do much especially Felix because Felix is in a wheel chair. But when Felix and Sam put their minds to it they can really do anything even make lists and "break" world records that they created..

Unstoppable Story

In my unstoppable story Maxcy D. Filer a man who wanted to be a lawyer his whole life but for certain circumstances he was not able to. Maxcy was a good man also didn't do well under pressure and or during test's so when Maxcy's bar exam came up he failed. But he did not let that discourage him so he studied some more to take it again the next year. So the next year he did the test and failed but he tried again and failed and this went on about 46 more times. now on the 48th test he finally passed but was also the age of sixty but he also didn't let that stop him and he went on to become very successful lawyer


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