Death of Coral Reefs

by M. Torres

Coral Reefs Main Issues

  • Worldwide coral reef death is blamed on global warming.
  • Coral reef bleaching is the reduction in photosynthetic pigment in corals. It is caused by several environmental factors including sea temperature, solar irradiance among others.
  • Coral bleaching causes the destruction of the main reef tracts and the extinction of many coral species.
  • Ocean pollution poisons corals.
  • Pollution takes many forms such as oil slicks, pesticides, heavy metals, and garbage.
  • Coastal development ravages reefs

Negative Effect of Death of Coral Reefs

  • Coral reefs cover an area of over 280,000 Km2
  • They are the rainforests of the seas
  • Coral reefs represent 1/3 of marine biodiversity. If they are affected, that will affect to other marine ecosystems.
  • This will cause the extinction of many marine life.

Threatened Coral Regions

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