Come to the Caymen Islands!

We've Got Sea Turtles!

Got Snorkels?

Here in the Caymen Islands we offer over 20 different Diving Certification Courses! These offer information about how to experience the wonderful underwater world of Coral Reefs Safely and Securely with our trained Diving Team of specialists!

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What Do You Call A Fish With No Eyes?...

A Fsh! But in all seriousness the Caymen Reefs offer a wide variety of Tropical Fish Species such as Lion Fish, Stong Rays and even Grouper!

I Went to a Seafood Disco Last Night and Now I Have Sore Mussels!

Our facilites offer a full health spa complete with sauna, massages by appointment (wouldn't want sore MUSSELS!), nail and hair salon as well as seaweed wraps made completely of organic seaweed plucked from the ocean right outside your room! If that doesn't sound like luxury I don't know what does!

Requirments for Visit!

The Caymen Islands are a British territory which means that one must have an up to date passport in order to come into the Islands! But once you're there, there is plenty of fun to be had by all! Children and Adults alike!